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This is a good start.
For a decent $12ish bottle I like Bogle's Petite Sirah and occasionally their Merlot. I'm not a big white wine drinker, but I hear the Chardonnay is awesome as well. I've been kind of addicted lately to Pinot Evil too. It's on the cheap side at ~$20 for a 3L box, but it's pretty tasty for being so inexpensive. It's great to have on hand if you're in the kitchen for a few hours cooking. Nice label too!
Neither does he.
God is OK with fiscal irresponsibility. As long as you don't call it lying. Then he gets pissed.
Battlestar Galactica is without question the best drama on teevee today. Yeah, it's set in space, but that's not really the issue of the whole thing. It's just fantastic. Dexter is awesome, and M.C. Hall is completely different than his Six Feet Under character. I was nervous at first, because SFU was so incredible and the character he played was so driven by the other characters in the show (and then not) that I though I would perform some viewer osmosis upon him...but...
Just get a room, you two.
My glass of water is still just water, but I guess he's got another day to fix that. \
Pfft. He throws like an Ayrab.
That makes me unbelievably sad. For the dog.(though, I hope he's Boomhauer's, as he seems like the nicest of the bunch (I think...I'm not up on Boomhauerian and didn't understand a word he said))
Basically everyone who knows, or who knows someone just like someone they saw busted on COPS.
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