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I want to say #15 is Brown Bunny....but I don't remember that scene and I'm only 50/50 on that being Vincent Gallo. I haven't seen Adam Goldberg in a film in years, so I'm coming up blank for #18. [edit]: Shit. midwinter is absolutely right.
Tauron is an evil, kiddie-fiddling, hate-fillled cunt! There's no moderation outside of PO anyways, so whatever.
16. = Layer Cake
Indeed. The first woman killed by Bond in film....unless that was a long-winded metaphor for Bond Sex™.
Yup. Mrs. Bond and the faboo Ms. Munro. Well done.
Correct! Hervé Villechaize at his finest. 09, 12 & 13 solved.
Both correct.
Guilty. Actually, I was going to post a shrine to Caroline Munro, but figured all but the above movie (as Naomi) and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad were too obscure.
#09: #10: #11: #12: #13:
*headslap* Of course it is. I still have no idea.
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