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I can't recollect Bruce and Glenn appearing in any movie together. Wait...Bonfire of the Vanities? Gah. I already know that's going to be wrong.
This much cowbell.
Here's a good one too: If Democrats were Republicans
My god this place sucks right now.
Yeah, that seems to be working out pretty well here lately.And I don't understand how you can discuss so many things political without once mentioning poo.Seriously though, I hate what's going on over in PO right now. Even though I don't post in there it's a part of my daily internet read, and lately it's been a fucked up mess. My worst fear is that people like groverat, Artman, adda, midwinter, etc., etc., just decide to say "Fuck It" and leave altogether. That would...
Because there wasn't enough drama on the internet that day.
Even the thought is unconscionable. Retroactive immunity? Are you kidding me? This reeks of Bush-ism and I'm ashamed that Obama is even remotely on board with this. If he wasn't black I'd be reconsidering my vote.
I think this will be the big one, honestly. Though, Obama is smart and realizes this. He's already started a counter-offensive by pretending he dances like a white man. I predict his next move will be to make a point of saying 'ask' a lot in his speeches, and not pronouncing it 'ax.'
Ooh! That reminded me that Cloverfield is out on DVD now.
If there was any question before about why Bill went elsewhere for blowjobs, I think we now know why for sure."Teeth, Hillary! Watch the teeth!"
New Posts  All Forums: