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Penelope Aldort.
Holy shit. I've been on the interwebs for some time now, and that is by far the funniest thing I've seen in at least 3 coon ages.
You haven't done anything of the sort. Who you really are is a child who makes up stories to try to impress others:Right. That's not how your mother recalls it:Please. Come back when you grow up a little.
Einstein wasn't bad at school. That's an urban myth. I'm glad that homeschooling is working out for you so well. You need to stop trying to impress invisible people on the internet and go get a friend or get laid. Hopefully you can do at least one of those without involving your mother.
No. I can only assume you took a class in editing or designing for broadcast and took the oddness of NTSC/PAL pixels as gospel. In fact, quite the opposite is true in most of the 'real' world, as computer monitors display square pixels. Period. As far as mjteix's concern, he is correct: As you can see, your Touch screen is far smaller than the MBA screen. I would've guessed it was an 11" screen as well....and honestly I think it would be better that way...
Sounds like a mixture of Tracy Chapman and Chris Martin (of Coldplay).
^ This is one of the reasons I check in on AI's AO. Just gorgeous, truly.
I watched the review, but I guess I still don't get the advantage over a laptop other than size. Maybe if the eBook feature was in addition to a slew of other PDA type niceties I could appreciate it more, but as it stands I can't see carrying an additional device just to read another type of file format. I'm sure it works well for what and whom it's designed for, but obviously I'm not the target market for such a beast. However, I do think the screen technology is...
Is this a study of eReader technology in general and/or its viability in the real world or does an eBook Reader have some advantage over a simple laptop that I'm not seeing? I'm admittedly not up on the eBook phenomenon, so I'm genuinely curious. Myself, I just can't seem to read long, continuous pieces of written word on-screen. If a pdf gets over 20 pages I'll go ahead and print it out to read it. Yes, I'm that guy.
New Posts  All Forums: