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The Sony looks alright, but my god...the Kindle? Surely Amazon could afford a little industrial design in their budget. The poor thing looks like a Centris someone sat on. I have a Macintosh Portable from 1989 that looks positively modern compared to the Kindle. \ That said, I likes me the musty smell of paper.
I immediately conjured a story in my head about how Fozzie Bear had to enter the Witness Protection Program and midwinter just blew his cover. I always thought he was something of a gangster...you know, with that hat and all.cc: You should start a thread about Bob's largess over at AN. We could go on about it for 5 or 6 pages, easy.
A Martian Sasquatch. Excellent.
Caved In: Prehistoric Terror The Deadly Spawn Godzilla (1998 US version) Anaconda II (not sure if she's the mother of all the males, but she's the only female) Beowulf
The other place is prettier though. It'd be like moving back to an apartment that the landlord doesn't care about vs. a sparsely yet tastefully decorated house... that we've apparently lost the keys to. I suggest we all just go outside and think about what nice things we can do for our fellow humans. For example, I was just out walking the dog and I thought about helping an old lady chip ice off her sidewalk. That would've been nice for her! I'm going back outside to...
The absence of a tongue-in-cheek smilie hurts my posting over here.
ZOMG. This thread had *such* potential for the tin-foilers.... but never in my wildest dreams would I imagine hhh leading the way. But yeah. Think Secret and AppleNova we're actually *cool* together. In fact, Nick was (is) a good friend to AN. So, good times ... and for a while there TS and AN had a really good relationship going. Like, the best of friends ... you don't even bother to check on each other while things are going well. It's a boy thing.
Hey. Listen guys...this is not a playground to frolic in while your other place is wherever. Show some fucking respect. Although ... to pass the time ... I've got my scrotum *almost* over my head.
That's what she said!
You're thinking of Apophis, and although the possibility of an Earth impact was announced around the same time as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, I don't remember anything being said about the earthquake altering the Earth's axis.
New Posts  All Forums: