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Well, then half the sites on the net (including AI) have 'sold their soul' to Amazon, because this is pretty common. As much as his site gets used, I'll bet very few people actually take the time to click the Make a Donation button. Who knows what PayPal or godforsaken evils lie beyond that click. I'm sure people will be more comfortable buying through this (and hey, at least he took the time to set up a proper Amazon Store) knowing they'll be supporting him at the same...
Am I the only one that read this as a HD for Indies announcement and not about some new Apple gear? I'm leaning towards him getting into selling bundles (as mentioned in the comments). It would make the most sense and probably be pretty lucrative for him given his traffic.
#53 = Edward Scissorhands
Could be. Godzilla was the first that came to mind because it was so impactful (it was really well done, you must admit), but I'll have to check out the title sequence of ID4 again tonight. Oh, and in response to your last bit, I'll just paraphrase Jessica Rabbit: "I'm not bad, I'm just made that way".
You can debate me. I am an amorphous goose.
Well, one (wo)man's thug is another person's leader of the free world. So it goes. I predict Ahmadinejad will continue to stall/promise/excuse until backed into a corner. What that particular corner is I can't predict, though if we freeze the money I expect a semi-decisive reaction (I'll say 5 days). After that, he'll make noises about cutting off oil imports to the US. Of course, that can't happen on 43's watch, so without any monetary sanctions to rely on he'll throw...
Actually...no, and of course IMDB is filled with titles consisting of no less than a dozen umlauts. \ Turn me on, fair adda?
Why not? There's some precedent for such things. Take Capone and tax evasion for example.
RotLA aside, the first time I noticed this was Columbia's 'warehouse' intro into their 1998 Godzilla*. Everything went blurry and atomic green...and proceeded to show the Kimodos or whatnot staring at the at the explosion. I thought it was pretty cool (for the time).* now you understand why I got Reign of Fire and Andaconda on the first go. Any movie with a monster in it is mine.
Heh. That's the first thing I thought of as well, but RotLA used the older Paramount logo (#44). #42 = The Usual Suspects. That scene in particular was great.
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