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#31 = Reign of Fire. The reenactment of a Star Wars scene if I remember correctly. And #33...Anaconda? 2? People hanging their legs close to the water like that are just begging to get them chomped off by some watery beast.
Hell, with that much gold we could use it to pave the streets! Oh...wait....
A good rundown for those semi-unfamiliar with the story.
'Killing an Arab' off of Boys Don't Cry (or The Singles collection).
Tell me about it. That 'AppleInsider' dude is getting pretty damn annoying. Seems like he's starting more and more threads lately...and he never even shows up past the first post! Nothing but 'I heard this' and 'My sources say'...gah. Give me a break. Go troll somewhere else.
Sadly, this type of thinking goes a long way with a hefty portion of Americans, politics or not.
Indeed. They probably rounded 655,546 up to make it seem worse. Liberal scum.
Admittedly, I skimmed the suggestions somewhat quickly, but did no one mention Primer? That's one that a second viewing is almost a requirement. Other than that everything I can think of in this vein has been listed. I'd also like to give a strong recommendation for Brick (as addabox mentioned) ... best movie I've seen so far this year.
I'd always heard it was a Trans Am and a porcupine, but I'm probably a lot older than you. Oh, and he's from the UK...so of course he has to be different and use a beast that doesn't really exist.
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