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i hope they don't kill the ipod as i doubt i will ever get an iphone unless they offer free gps. i've never bought an ipod but would like one now.i want the touch but it doesn't have enough space.white would be nice
i want a 23" or 24" imac, 27" is insanely big unless you watch movies etc on your mac, which i don't
So Apple only makes a stand alone 27" monitor now? wtf? i personally think this is too big for the average user, yes i've seen them. do you think they'll being back something smaller? say 23"
I have lots of old magazine that are very large in size. i'd like to scan them and recycle them large bed scanners are expensive. do wand scanners work very well?
does anyone care what CR thinks about anything? LOL
cdma iphone's are coming out (or have come out already) in India, so it's almost guaranteed it will come out in the US late this year year or early next
android apps are well advertised! they have a zillion TV commercials about this! plus when you get the phone, the Marketplace is right on the desktop! i love my droid. love the free gps navigation. if iphone comes to verizon, i may consider it, i'll have to see
are you for real? you believe everything that is reported
usually this is not enough, they still need family permission, so in addition to your drivers license, let you family know you are an organ donor
the treatments to get rid of the cancer probably destroyed his liver i'd imagine
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