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Howdy, so I've got a G5 with the optical sound output hooked to a creative labs DDTS-100 (digital decoder) which outputs 5.1 channel sound via RCA cables to my Klipsch 5.1 sound system. Somewhere in all this mess, the right channel gets noticeably weaker than the left channel. I haven't been able to find any balance (left/right) control in OS X or on the decoder or on any of the klipsch controls. Any ideas? -Ender
That harddrive should work just fine. I got the IBM/Hitachi 250 GB SATA drive and it's great. -Ender
That is a pretty slick way of doing it though, I must say. Best I've seen yet. The extra cables don't want to move, but that shouldn't be too hard. -Ender
aww, but reading is so hard... *pout* :P -Ender
What I did was to make a rule (in the preferences of Mail) that copies every new message I get to a folder called INBOX that I made in the "On My Mac" category. You can then delete it from your university account and it will be safely stored on your mac for your future viewing pleasure. -Ender
Howdy, just got my new dual 2.5 tower. I bought a second 250 GB SATA HD for it, but can't for the life of me figure out how to mount it underneath the one that is in there already. Do I need some sort of mounting bracket that didn't come with the machine? Thanks -Ender
Yeah, I finished it. And no, it's not a storyline mission. Took me half a dozen tries to get it. The important thing is slowing the plane down enough to blow the vehicles up in one pass. You shouldn't need to take very long on the first van and bike, and then head over the rooftops to the others. The one tricky one is the bike guy who shoots back at your frail plane. It's obnoxious to say the least. BTW, if you go fly around and upgrade your flight skill and...
I've been using a Radeon 9000 on my DP 500 for the last year or so. Seems to do everything quite nicely. Not sure how much they are, but I'm sure you can find some out there... -Ender
About 65. -Ender
Sure is getting annoying... I paid $130 for my CE copy and my gf's regular copy, and so far all I've gotten to do is install it 4 times (1 hour+ per install), wait in queues, and walk around while the game lags. I've maybe managed to play a grand total of 3 hours. And it crashed every 5 minutes. Better be working properly by friday... -Ender
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