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I upgraded our iPad mini 2nd gen to 9.x. Everything seems to work pretty well, except Safari. Display is fine, but when I try to type into the URL bar to search, it takes so long I often think it is locked up.   I've seen other mentions of this, but I can't seem to find a solution. Is there one that anyone knows?
Well it's about time!   I suspect CIBC/PCF will be forced to follow suit shortly.
Well I hope they do a new mouse, because frankly the current one sucks. It's way too heavy and scrapes along the desktop. Try gaming with it some time...
Given that you don't know the difference between CAPEX and LCoE, it's safe to dismiss most everything you say as lacking substance.   But to be direct, the report I linked to covers 1) CAPEX, 2) LCoE, 3) transmission overhead and CF adjustments.   If you care to actually read it, you'll see it addresses every one of your points.   > What matters TODAY is the investment you make TODAY   LOLZ. The DOE paper, if you care to actually look at the fine print, was based...
Wind and solar the fastest growing power sources in history. My reality beats your sophistry.  *sigh* You are confusing LCoE with CAPEX. Generation 101 dude. And its wrong anyway: https://www.lazard.com/media/1777/levelized_cost_of_energy_-_version_80.pdf Page 2 compares the LCoE for power sources that come online next year. The most advanced nuclear plants are over twice the price of wind. These numbers are the most up to date available. The DoE number you are quoting is...
So as someone that actually worked in the industry, and has a nuclear plant right outside his window (literally), let me tell what is actually going on. Nuclear power plants consist largely of two parts. Even the buildings reflect this. On one side you have the "nuclear island" with the reactor and the first cooling loop. On the other is the turbine hall with the 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) cooling loop and all the non-nuclear bits and parts. Inside that hall is there the...
" 'a gigantic money pit'"   What, like your stock options?   Hey ho!
But seems like a very bad idea in this case, no? The last ATV was unchanged for years. There's no reason to suspect that won't be the case for this one too. Locking in at a lower limit seems really stupid.
So it uses an A8... maybe not even the A8X? Wouldn't it have made more sense to start on the A9X, so game authors would have the absolute latest to work with? The A8's no slouch, don't get me wrong, but 2x that performance would put them well into high-end console range.
The thing I'm most interested in is being able to port one of the TV tuner front ends to the ATV. That way I can use something like a Silicon Dust or Tablo and watch TV anywhere. Other set-tops already do this, Apple is the big holdout.
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