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LOLZ. The reason this market is "quiet" is because no one wants one. If you want a laptop you get a laptop, if you want a tablet you get a tablet. IDC's guess is precisely as useful as all their former predictions.
I use Chrome on the PC and it's little better there. Opening a single tab causes all sorts of background tasks to spawn, all called "Chrome" in Task Manager, all of them eating up 50 to 200 MB.   Right now I have two Chrome windows running, and there seven entries in Task Manager, with a total of 450 meg.   Closing these two windows will remove only two of those tasks, leaving the other five running until I reboot. Opening new tabs or windows will spawn more of these...
Pfft, spoken like a true audiophreak. Go run a double blind test and get back to me.
Apple should just claim its 1024 bits, because no one can tell the difference anyway.
I'm on the Mono developers mail list. When I click Reply, Mail addresses it to the original sender, not the list. I looked through prefs, but can't see anything about selecting which reply-to address to use.   Does anyone have some advice?
"Apple partners with SunPower to build twin 20-megawatt solar plants in China" Ok.... "which when combined will provide up to 80 million kilowatt-hours of power each year." Not physically possible. There are 8760 hours in a year. Half of that is night, leaving 4380. Some of that is sunrise and sunset, when the light has little energy. That removes about 1/5th of the daily energy. Now you're around 3504. And unless they have no clouds in China, that's another 1/3rd...
1) You're comparing LCoE to $/W. Duh. 2) My division of CAPEX by nameplate rating is precisely how the entire industry values installs. It's called "price per watt", and it's used by every power source to get a rough estimate of total CAPEX in comparison to other installs. For instance, if one installer quotes you $275MM for a 250MW plant, and another quotes $250MM for 235, which is better? 1.1 vs. 1.06... the second one is the better deal. 1&2) You can multiply $/W by...
Which, if you care to look in THE VERY DOCUMENT I QUOTED, lists O&M costs on solar at about 0.25 cents/kWp/year, which means that the total management costs are a few million dollars in total. It remains a terrible deal.
New Posts  All Forums: