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Hogwash. A computer can safely accelerate more rapidly than a human, which is precisely why they have traction control in modern cars. And in the case of humans, it is precisely the aggression that causes the bottlenecks, as they hit the breaks causing the shock wave up the line. In every other way, lag is way, way better with a computer. Which is why they can ride the other guy's bumper 2 cm back.
> Tell me which insurance company will insure a car that has no driver?    The one that has to insure the car that *has* a driver.   If Bob Smith gets into the car drunk and crashes it, the insurance company isn't going to get squat suing him.   If Apple has a bug in their software and crashes a car, the insurance company has a potential $100 billion payout.   I suspect they'll be lining up around the block. Like iPhone release day.
So I have Messages running on my Mac and connected to iCloud. I have Text Message Forwarding up on my iPhone, and it sees my Mac. I press the button, but nothing happens on my Mac. Did I miss a step?
Yeah, my updates went perfectly, and fast.
Windmills do not work that way! Specifically, the system works by generating a cryptographic key from your credit card ID, some sort of personal ID, and your public key. That new key is sent to the bank. Future transactions mix that new key with time and location information to produce a token that can only be decrypted by that new key. At the bank. That's why any of the companies are even interested. It all still goes to them. All Apple gets is a transaction fee, which is...
"The supposed price is not set in stone, as questions remain as to whether Apple Watch is made of gold or comes gold plated" Yeah, we'll make it out of solid gold, so that it has no internal room and more weight. Duh.
You spelled "retard" "analyst". I used to work in the financials world, before the crash. I was on tech calls with these guys all the time. They have *no clue*. Here's how it works. You look at numbers in their financial statements and calculate a few TLAs. Then you make hand waving statements about things like the Apple TV and how it would mean this much cash which would change the TLA by X amount. Rinse, repeat. You don't have to, or actually do, know anything whatsoever...
They could do a funny and informative rap song...
Wow, another magstripe reader? Seriously, why doesn't the US have chip-n-pin yet, let alone NFC? I haven't used a mag reader in *years*, and almost all my small purchases are tap-to-pay.
This is great and all, especially in light of the antics that take place on Google Maps. But this isn't the problem. The problem is that practically nothing is in the database (it can't find any store within 2km of me).   And that database is closed. At least Google has Places.   This was a golden opportunity for Apple to make a single, open, free POI system that everyone used.
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