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For $2, Downcast remains greatly superior. Primary among its advantages is the ability to fine-tune playback speed. I found the UI easier to navigate as well, which is surprising given the plethora of buttons and gee-gaws.   Apple has a limited variable-speed playback in Music, but oddly, not in Podcasts. I still haven't figured out the auto-download either. It certainly *looks* nicer than Downcast.   Syncing is another issue. When I opened Podcasts for the first...
  No no no, that's not it at all. THIS is it...   "Apple’s proposal for royalty-free licensing seems no more than an attempt to devalue the intellectual property of others"   Nokia and Moto *attacked* Apple for their design. They said Apple was trying to take over the world, and that giving it away for free was tantamount to MS-the-bad. Nokia went further, and threatened not only to not follow the standard, but pull ALL of their patents from the SIM system *in toto*,...
THAT'S it? THAT'S what the whole debate boils down to? A notch in the plastic?!   At the time the battle first started there were lots of articles about the "technical superiority" of the RIM/Moto/Nokia design, but none of the articles actually stated what the "superiority" was. Now we know - a notch.
when all the AT&T stores were closed. Well done AT&T, nice way to start off spending that $150 million.
I still like the *first* UI best. I'll never use MLB, so why the hell do I have to look at it?
So the question we all have is whether or not the Air/Pro split will be thinning. Given that we live in the "post PC" world, I suspect it will be in Apple's best interests to slowly draw down their PC-like offerings, including laptops. A lineup with the mini and iMac, two Airs and two Pros would likely serve them fine.
No it doesn't. It demonstrates that PV requires subsidies where power is cheap or you could build other systems (the example being nuclear). If those two don't hold, PV may be cheaper already. The article gives two examples of this. In the vast majority of areas, however, PV is completely dependent on support. This represents the *vast* majority of PV installed every year. It's certainly the case here in Toronto, as well as every major FIT market like Germany, Spain and...
You're confusing CAPEX and LCoE. The former is how much you pay for the system, the second is the effective cost of the power it produces. The relationship is straightforward, and you can find an article on it by googling "your own grid parity pv"
Has anyone upgraded yet? There's some comments on other forums that the content is all either SD or 1080p already. I find this hard to believe, but I'd still like confirmation.
No it does not. You can do the calculation yourself, its very easy. Go here…http://matter2energy.wordpress.com/2...ity-pv-system/Solar panels made from coal-fired electricity pay off in about 3 years. Those made in Europe or Canada where the percentage of hydro and nuclear is higher pay off in just over 1 year.
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