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You're arguing for a free market and invoking enforced monopolies to support it?!   Good to see your sophistry has improved so greatly in the last 15 years.
I believe this patent has exactly zero chance of succeeding. Let me illustrate why, in depth. Start with the patent. Recall that a patent's legal force is basically equivalent to its Claims. Those start here: http://www.google.com/patents/US5463724?pg=PA49 Read the claims. They fall into two basic groups. The vast majority of the claims cover the existence, visual display and manipulation of a tabbed spreadsheet display. The only claims that do not apply to the tabs...
The utility of taking up a lot of space on a desktop so that I don't have the plug in a Lightening connector to do the same thing?   Meh.
  This is a solution for POI entries, but not for outright wrongness.   Again, Apple is taking the wrong data from the wrong place. They need to take the right data from the right place.   They don't need to *fix* the data, so reporting a "problem" like "city in the wrong place" isn't the solution.   Whatever the solution is, it will be someone at Apple pressing a button to do another database convert.
Add to your list:   Why are parks and forests so important to Maps? On every scale, the only objects that are clearly defined are greenspaces. They graphically overwhelm everything else, even airports.
  Exactly.   Everyone reading this - next time you have a Maps fail, type the *exact* same thing into OSM. I am very curious what happens.
  I don't think it will get better because of the data.   I think it will get better because *the data is already very good*.   The problem is that Apple is reading and displaying that data incorrectly.   Here is a simple test: look up "bancroft ontario" in Maps and on the OpenStreetMaps web page. Note that Maps is off by miles, while OSM is perfect. That implies that Apple is simply reading the wrong data, or displaying it incorrectly.     I've been testing this a *lot*...
I tried the first one. I puts the pointer about a kilometer away. OpenStreetMap and Google nails it right on. Bing maps you can't tell, there's no imagery.   Maps << everyone else. And as I noted earlier, this has been true for every search I've done. Sometimes only a little off, sometimes complete fail.
One? Sure. EVERY one? No.   Maps hasn't succeeded in a single query I've thrown at it. Either it can't find it, sends me across the world, or puts the marker in the wrong place.   The exact same queries in OpenStreetMaps worked 100% of the time. They are supposed to be the same data, so this is a pretty serious screwup.
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