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Based on tagging, nah.   Maybe if Apple can automate that side of the system it might be useful.
  This is a software upgrade only. As long as the GPU has enough oomph. I suspect even the last rev does. Decoding is the easy part, for exactly that reason.   But even in that case, it's not clear Apple would want to use it. It would cut bandwidth, which would be great, but they'd have to roll it out across ALL of their platforms, and that doesn't seem likely. They could roll it out only on platforms that can handle it, but then they'd have to keep two copies of all...
Which is really no different than Windows or just about any Unix distro. My Windows Server is nothing more than Windows with some management apps and a few server preloads. If you can point to any substantive difference in model, I'll be surprised.   There are no "desktop" OS's any more, not since the NT kernel and OS X replaced earlier systems.
The more you tighten your grip, Balmer, the more systems will slip through your fingers
Is there a description of exactly what "eyes free" is? I can already play a song or make a call without looking at the phone. Is this anything more than integration with a button?
"Yes, yellow leather and 18 gauge thread (that's 120 for Europeans) wasn't the best idea." To be honest, this doesn't bother me so much. What does bother me is that they spent time doing this, rather than adding features or fixing bugs. Consider iOS's Podcasts app. Nice reel-to-reel UI, which I'm sure took someone a long time to develop. Sadly, they didn't spend that same amount of time making the app actually work. For instance, it periodically resets and claims that...
  New features? You're joking, right?   Or perhaps you are confusing new customers with existing ones?   You complained about churn, but unless that churn is *to* the iPhone then Google doesn't care. Right now, it seems like most of that churn is to Samsung, and I'm sure they like that just fine.
  Oh, absolutely... but I'm not concerned about Apple's sales, I'm concerned about the health of the Apple market. These two go hand in hand, don't get me wrong, but they're *not* the same.   But there's a fundamental difference between computers and, say, stereos. For stereos, you can sell dramatically overpriced gear as long as someone buys it and you keep your margins. That's because (generally) anyone can plug any bit of stereo into any other bit of stereo. So buying...
Margins? Who cares? Apple has what, 129 billion in the bank?   *If* the odd price of the mini *was* based on margin, then Apple is playing a losers game. They are probably the only company that *can* afford to buy share, and they aren't.   I fear a loss of developer mindshare if they continue with the high-right policy, and the in-house everything. I've been around long enough to see the obvious parallels with the Apple of the 1990s, post Steve-1.0.
Yeah great, just what the world needs, ANOTHER proprietary POI database.   OpenStreetMaps has all of this stuff already. I'd be much happier if Apple just used them.
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