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As I said, I am aware of the feature. I find it useful in some contexts and not others. Obviously my question is how to get more fine-grain control over the process.
I use Preview as a quick viewer app - double click or download a PDF, read it, Quit. Now under Lion, this means all the old documents also open. I understand this idea, but it simply doesn't work with my workflow, and I'd like to turn it off. However, there's nothing in Preview's prefs that seems to control this. Ideas?
What if the electronics needed for the charge controller took up room that the battery would use and gave you 1 hour of power? How about then? Or, more likely, it added $25 wholesale and gave you the same power ad plugging in for 2 minutes?
I typed that on my iPhone, it dropped a decimal. It's 0.005 m.
I will, as an expert in this field, once again point out this simply will not happen. The physics are against you. In AM1.5 sunlight, what we get over most of the part of the world that has iProducts, you have 1000 watts of power per square meter of space. Conventional solar cells can capture about 15 to 20 percent of that, and the polymer ones talked about here are about half that. Power conversion will drop another 50% of that. So realistically you're looking at...
Indeed. That's just it, PC's are the way they are not because that's what people needed, but because its what the engineers at the companies wanted. THEY wanted general purpose machines you could open up and tinker with. From every graph I've seen, that represents something like 15% of the market. The other 85% never asked or wanted the complex machines that resulted.
... MS announces "We are a dinosaur with no clue". News at 11.
Exactly. I don't rent 720p from Apple any more, because the quality is only marginally better than SD.
Samsung was screwed no matter how this turned out. Apple had two sticks to use, the lawsuit itself, and the threat of pulling production from them. Samsung couldn't retaliate by pulling supply, they can't afford it. The threat of blocking imports into Korea was laughable - given the tradeoff of blocking Samsung in the US and potentially elsewhere, vs. Apple in Korea, who cares? Apple picked the right target. If Samsung loses the suit or folds due to pressure, Apple then...
I'm sad to hear that the hardware is so lacking. HP has exactly one chance to get this launched, and going in with problems like this seems like death. Which is too bad, because from the little I used it, webOS is a much better OS than iOS. And I say that as someone with an all-Mac house. The "cards" idea is simply brilliant, and I found it way easier to move around the system than on the iPhone or iPad. And the federated address book is precisely what I've been...
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