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And pointless. The DCMA Safe Harbor causes appears indemnify Apple in these sorts of cases. Apple will have to argue that it was operating in good faith and they were acting solely as a conduit. Both seem fairly easy to demonstrate. To put this in perspective, you can't sue Walmart if a product they sell on behalf of a 3rd party infringes copyright. People still try, of course, but they tend to fail. Maury
You quote me out of context and then talk about credibility? Really. Maury
Yeah, same here. MS is in the same position Apple was around '91-'95: cash flush and throwing developers at every new buzzword that pundits started saying was the next big thing, when it was already peaked. For Apple we had PowerTalk/X.400 (e-mail in the CIS era), DAM/CL-1/DAL (when data access was cool), SOM (when CORBA was the next big thing) etc. Apple did not understand these markets, and only entered them because they believed they were invincible and could beat...
So does the iPhone, obviously, as many of Apple's apps multitask. I realize I'm being pedantic, but really, so is saying that that one feature means the platform is superior.I disagree, I think the iPhone rocks for the simple reason that it does what it says it will do, and you can actually do those things. There are many bad things in the iPhone UI, but I can still use the browser. I had a Motorola phone that, on paper, had more features than my iPhone. Music, browser,...
Because a CD is $17 and an iTunes album is $10? Because a CD takes up room in my house, which has none, and a download doesn't? Because buying a CD just to rip it is a waste of time, money, and carbon?Maury
Well I think this is a great idea. With the new pricing schedules, which basically means every song is actually $1.29, the break-even point in my brain is around three songs. If I buy three songs, its likely something else on the album I'll like, so I'll just get the album. This sort of value-add lowers that bar. Kudos.
Thank god. The carriers had far too much control, and were busy strangling the life out of any innovation in the market. All they cared about was the number of checkbox features and the concessions they could get on the price. So it didn't matter if it actually worked or you could use it... "has camera? check!" Consider this: once everyone goes to LTE on 4G, what will be the difference between carriers? Nothing. At the same time, what will be the difference between the...
Just noticing this now? It changed over a month ago. Sadly the ear cups come off and get lost just as easily, and they still don't ship a spare pair of medium ones. So now I have one medium and one large, which is far from optimal. Actually if I could get them to fix one thing, it would be the sharp edges of the mic/controller. It sits right near my lapel, so when I turn my head it catches on it and sometimes pulls it out of my ear. If they rounded off the ends this...
(oops, didn't read the original well enough)
> just like an iPhone Wow, sterling praise indeed. Actually I have finally found one feature on the Pre I like... they have a "reminders" feature that you can attach to someone in your Contacts, and the next time you get in touch with them (perhaps only on phone calls, who knows) it pops up the reminder. I think this is great, I'd use it all the time! Cupertino, fire up your photocopiers! Maury
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