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I'm sad to hear that the hardware is so lacking. HP has exactly one chance to get this launched, and going in with problems like this seems like death. Which is too bad, because from the little I used it, webOS is a much better OS than iOS. And I say that as someone with an all-Mac house. The "cards" idea is simply brilliant, and I found it way easier to move around the system than on the iPhone or iPad. And the federated address book is precisely what I've been...
Let me get this out of the way: I believe that something on the order of 80% of all Android sales are not because the user wants an Android, but could not get an iPhone. Those users then upgraded to newer Android models due to lock-in. Thus, had Apple shipped CDMA on Verizon from the start, I believe they would utterly dominate smartphone sales in the US. How do I support this bold claim? It's very simple. Simply read the Canadian...
There's some history here too. When the NeXT was being released he fretted about this exact problem, as the development market quickly stratified. He noted that "this will be the last platform to succeed, or the first to fail".
SEC is investigating Wall St. analysis for having "eyes" and "brain". Also under suspicion are a class of new electronic devices, "phones". This is retarded. The SEC completely missed the sub-prime and CDS/CDO meltdowns because they didn't understand them, and this is how they're going to fix it? By punishing people for improving transparency?
Show me da spreadsheet!
Well duh, offer a $99 tuner box that plugs into it. Have an app in the store that you download to operate it, and pass the video through. Would I pay $200 for a iTunes box and a cable tuner with a useful UI? YES. And let me plug my AirBook's DVD into it too. Maury
No they didn't. The security hole was published by other parties, they just used it. Telling YOU about the hole did not change the security of the system one iota.Well the first claim here is clearly false, and the second two are not problems.No it is not. It never was. You have always had the right to jailbreak your phone. Always. What HAS changed is that it is now legal to circumvent a technical lock to make a tool to jailbreak. The recent change affected programmers,...
Actually it's big claim to fame in this area is that it can be injection moulded, like thermoplastics. That means they could ditch the milling entirely. It costs a LOT more money than aluminum, but my guess is for small amounts of material the milling costs might be more than the material. VERY interesting development. Maury
> Apple's latest handset have experienced fewer dropped calls than those who own an iPhone 3GS Is anyone really surprised to hear this? Even the statistics reported by Apple at the press conference was almost certainly statistically insignificant. I'll bet that another month's numbers will show the dropped call numbers have gone down. Maury
Yeah, but I can hear my PC when it's on. Kinda kills the mood in the quiet parts. Maury
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