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To digitalclips and the original poster: PLEASE take some photos of your old gear like this and upload it to the Wiki Commons. We need to save these little bits and pieces for posterity. Maury
But I don't like this model. I don't want to have to have two machines running to do the job of one. Maury
Why would you possibly want to do that? This is called a "distributed cost", you're driving up the cost for all users to please the needs of a minority of them. DVR's are going the way of the dodo. Certainly there are people that still want them now, but they won't in a year. Doubling the price of the ATV to please that minority is stupid. In an optional box, it's an optional box. Maury
Nothing could be further from the truth - the Remote app is practically useless. All it does is start or stop media that you already have. You cannot, or I'm too stupid to figure it out, search in YouTube for instance. Of particular annoyance is the inability to find movies in the iTunes Store. Maury
No, use a separate box that plugs into the ATV for this. You definitely don't want to load it's processor and HD with encoding, there's not enough power to do this AND use it for watching a program. You're going to need another box for this anyway, the tuner, so package all of this into that box and then sync the completed recording if and when the ATV is not busy.Again, this is MUCH better handled by an external box. Just repackage the drive for the MBAir and there you...
Pfttt. There are a few tens of millions of ATV owners, vs. something like 100 million iPhone/iTouch owners. Disproof by example. Maury
My 9 year old daughter uses youtube for _everything_. She rarely watches "actual tv". I think she would be offended to learn she's being "techy".I think all us mid-lifers have to realize that we're way behind the curve on this. If you multiply the age of the viewer by the number of hours, that factor is skewing way into the white-hairs now. When they die, broadcast-model TV dies with them.Maury
Well considering the Apple TV actually exists, and the Google TV does not, I think Apple has an enormous lead. That said, I think you hit on the key issues though. ATV needs a browser (and keyboard support of some sort to go with it), and an app store. These really do seem like complete no-brainers. I would also like to see several hardware options, including a DVD and tuner. I imagine something along the lines of the system having stub launchers for "DVD" and "Live TV"...
Oh god I hope so. Maury
So I drive out to see my branding expert yesterday. His team's busy converting all their flash content to HTML5 so that it will work on the iPhone. It's over. Hopefully someone will write a converter. Maury
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