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Balogna. WiMax is dead, and it has been since LTE came down the pipe. This is the dead cat bounce. LTE offers higher speed, faster inter-tower switching, was designed for cells from the start, and has a long string of backward compatibility all the way down to the original GSM. WiMax is slower, was originally designed for static last-mile hauling to fixed in-house points, and has zero backward compatibility. Everyone in the world is already well along their LTE rollout...
Wow, never heard that before... oh wait, I did, for every single new phone since the iPhone was released. I'm not some fanboi, competition is good and Apple is a fierce competitor - a real iPhone killer would just make the iPhone that much better. But so far we've seen the same parade of hopes and failures as the iPod before. Maury
WiMax?! *chuckle* Stick a fork in it. Maury
No, that's exactly my point. The cable I use to charge my iPhone is not just a charger, it's also the data cable. When I plug in, I automatically sync all my mail, apps, music, everything. But on the Pre, I have to drag all my music to a data card and then put that into the phone? Yuk! I get all the cable-attachness badness with none of the data syncing goodess. Sign me up! Now a brick with a built in low-power WiFi point that USB's from there to computer and sync software...
True, true.
As I noted earlier, this problem could be eliminated by having Palringo be a plug-in in the Phone app. It would give you 100% of the functionality you ask for here, without having to have the full Palringo app running in the background. The library would be loaded if, and when, it needed to be, and not eat a single cycle otherwise. Maury
I do, but a better question is "why"? Seriously, if this was a mat on the tabletop that's one thing, but in fact the Pre has to be carefully aligned with the charger to work at all - and that's just for charging, it doesn't do data or anything else. So you replace a small multi-function cable with a much larger single-function cable. Why-tech at its finest. Looks cool though, I'll give it that.
Oh, I'm pretty sure Palm had nothing to do with this. After all, Sprint is the ones with the rebate plan, and they're the ones paying for the phones in the first place. From Sprint's perspective, there's no downside - if people don't apply for the rebate then hey, free money. From Palm's perspective there's a lot of downside. If people are upset about Sprint's dealings, this will rub off on the Pre. One more reason not to have selected Sprint as their launch partner,...
Nothing, I live in Canada. But I still don't understand your point. AT&T has the better network, generally speaking, so why would I possibly want to change to a new phone so that I can use an inferior network?Big deal. If there was any reason to, Apple could unlock the iPhone or make a CDMA version as well. The fact that they haven't done so speaks volumes about the reality of this "problem". If this really was the problem you're claiming it is, why isn't the G1 the best...
Fido, although there's 100% overlap for the last 6 months or more. At least in all the areas I've been to.
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