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Oh yes, indeed, but can they be "good enough in just a couple areas" and be the iPhone killer everyone wants? No.
> Im exciting that some company is finally challenging Apple. First smartphone to excite the public. Ummm, do you mean Google with Android? No? What about RIM with Storm? No? HTC Touch? No, not that either? Ohhhh, you mean Palm with Pre, the phone that's far less interesting or open than Android and a year later. Yes, that's the one that will really knock off the iPhone... "The public", by which you really mean "the blogosphere" has been repeatedly excited by the next...
That's not the problem. Apple was releasing into a vacuum, a market dominated by utterly useless "smart" phones that were difficult to use, had absolutely useless browsers and didn't sync up anything you actually wanted. Don't get me wrong, the BB is a superb business tool (better than the iPhone even today) but there wasn't a single consumer smart phone out there worth buying. Period. That is no longer true. Apple has wrapped up the majority of the brain-space (forget...
Indeed. The last point is possible, and I hope they do it. Maury
It's amusing that 3G here in Toronto absolutely rocks. I have to drive a LONG way before I drop to Edge, and I get solid speed throughout.
Oh balogna. Apple spent a decade releasing utter crap and failing to do any serious development work. Instead of striking out on their own, like they did with the Mac, they simply listened to what the pundits were saying and did that. Pundits said CORBA was the next big thing? Let's do SOM. Email? PowerTalk. 3D? RAVE. Database access? DAL and DAM. Typesetting? QDGX. All of these products sucked, because they (sometimes) didn't really understand them and (more commonly)...
WebOS is not a feature, it's a basic part of the system. Your argument is like saying the "one unique feature" of the 2010 Mustang is "has the Mustang engine".WebOS may indeed have some unique features, but so far I've been repeatedly underwhelmed.Maury
Good question.
I am curious how this works. So what, if product X offers a rebate, Best Buy simply pays you it up front? If so, my guess is that this won't be coming to Best Buy any time soon, unless they have an air-tight deal worked out with Sprint. I know that I, for one, would not be terribly interested in paying out more than my profits in an up-front rebate and then waiting for a 3rd party to pay be back some time in the future. I like the cash in MY bank account, thank you. Maury
In my post I clearly, and in depth, described a system that had no multitasking and didn't need it. Did you actually read it? Maury
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