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Oh here we go...I have a 52 and my 720 looks great.Huh. I'm a physicist, how about you?Did you even read the post? I said the thing that makes the difference is the compression. And 720p rips are generally compressed to lower quality. THAT'S why they don't look as good. Maury
In one famous test, a group of well known audiophiles were taken to hear a new speaker cable. After showing them how it was built and giving the usual tech spiel, they all agreed that there was definitely some more "brightness" to the new cables. However, the testers had actually replaced the cables with un-bent coat hangers, and then revealed this. Much consternation ensued. In test after test after test, viewers cannot tell the difference between 720 and 1080 when...
Ohhhh, that's a possibility. A low one, but a possibility. The sound is like a mosquito, my guess is that mechanical fixture won't effect it (like low vibes would). Maury
Really? I think you might be the only one. I always coff up the buck. Maury
Uhhh, it was me. A WD 250. But the original 40 was pretty noisy too. Which one do you have, the 40 or 160? Maury
Well I do like this, don't get me wrong... but: 1) still no real sleep mode?! I can't stand the sound of the drive. 2) Come on Apple, make a deal with Elgato for a plug-in tuner! Sheesh, I could chuck half my AV gear if it could just tune the friggin channels! (my TV can, but SLOOOOOWLY) Maury
At high cost. Given that there's a GSM carrier everywhere (even places with CDMA or PCS) developing a CDMA version only makes sense if you've got a carrier that really wants it and is willing to pay. Additionally, it's very clear that every CDMA and PCS carrier is switching to GSM over the next couple of years. Bell and Telus are bringing up their networks this month. Similar plans have been announced by every major carrier that isn't already using GSM. I applaud this...
I generally agree, although I think the operative word is "could", not "going to". Maury
That's not a bad idea. They could sell off some of the redundant bandwidth. Merging the two networks though? Yikes! Maury
I'm not so willing to write them off. If anyone can present a serious threat to the iPhone it's going to be Android. The Pre is just not happening, while WinMo and Symbian are clearly too far behind to catch up, and RIM, well as a Canuck I'd love to see better of them, but I just don't see the growth vectors in the consumer market once the iPhone goes multi-carrier. Google, on the other hand, has a pretty good platform technically, serious development cash, and the desire...
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