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Some of them. Tropic Thunder was amazing. A Fish Called Wanda, not so much. Maury
For me it's the tuner itself, the DVR is less important. I hate the tuner in my TV, it takes a full second to switch channels, and you can't hold down the button and skip over them, it stops at every one. EyeTV, on the other hand, absolutely flies through the channels. Technically it's already done, people have hacked EyeTV into the ATV over a year ago. And it even does DVR. Maury
Do you actually believe that? I don't.After all, their network was perfectly adequate for their pre-iPhone needs. It was only when people actually started using their system that a real problem appeared.AT&T already had the iPhone money in their pocket, and their network sucked in spite of it. I can't see any reason for your claim that they would have invested in this, given that they didn't.And in spite of a working network prior to the iPhone, people were abandoning AT&T...
In 2013? I'm sure AT&T is quaking in their boots. Let's not forget that Verizon is the golden boy today, let's see what everyone things in four years. Maury
Exactly. One might also consider the fact that AT&T had horrid retention problems, so you might be inclined to say that all 9 million are "new or saved". Run the numbers on that basis and the iPhone is the greatest product ever. Which is what everyone, inside the industry and out, seems to think it is. I always get amused when I read an article by a liberal arts dropout who complains that a collection of fairly smart people is being really dumb for some reason or another....
Seymour Skinner: We can buy real periodic tables instead of these promotional ones from Oscar Meyer. Edna Krabappelt Who can tell me the atomic weight of bolognium? Martin: Ooh ... delicious? Edna Krabappel: Correct. I would also accept snacktacular. Maury
Ummm, no. As someone who is very much aware of what is really going in in "basic research", I can say with no hesitation whatsoever that you are very, very misled on this topic. Basic research in the US is healthier than it has ever been. The same is true for the world as a whole. And "ever been" as in "the recorded history of mankind, and almost certainly prior to that as well". There is more money, more projects, more people, more industry help, more tools, faster...
And pointless. The DCMA Safe Harbor causes appears indemnify Apple in these sorts of cases. Apple will have to argue that it was operating in good faith and they were acting solely as a conduit. Both seem fairly easy to demonstrate. To put this in perspective, you can't sue Walmart if a product they sell on behalf of a 3rd party infringes copyright. People still try, of course, but they tend to fail. Maury
You quote me out of context and then talk about credibility? Really. Maury
Yeah, same here. MS is in the same position Apple was around '91-'95: cash flush and throwing developers at every new buzzword that pundits started saying was the next big thing, when it was already peaked. For Apple we had PowerTalk/X.400 (e-mail in the CIS era), DAM/CL-1/DAL (when data access was cool), SOM (when CORBA was the next big thing) etc. Apple did not understand these markets, and only entered them because they believed they were invincible and could beat...
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