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Well considering the Apple TV actually exists, and the Google TV does not, I think Apple has an enormous lead. That said, I think you hit on the key issues though. ATV needs a browser (and keyboard support of some sort to go with it), and an app store. These really do seem like complete no-brainers. I would also like to see several hardware options, including a DVD and tuner. I imagine something along the lines of the system having stub launchers for "DVD" and "Live TV"...
Oh god I hope so. Maury
So I drive out to see my branding expert yesterday. His team's busy converting all their flash content to HTML5 so that it will work on the iPhone. It's over. Hopefully someone will write a converter. Maury
This is good, but not good enough. I watch maybe 3 shows on a regular basis, and if I could get internet delivery, I'd watch another 3 or 4. If these are 4 times a week, 4 weeks a month, that's $16 a month for each show, or maybe as much as $100 a month. My cable bill is only about $45 a month. If they bring in the "all you can eat" subscription that's been bandied about, then I'm in.
I don't think this is a streaming music play at all, that's just conjecture on the part of the writers. I think they're buying LaLa in order to move the iTunes Store out of the iTunes application, and offer a platform-independant web-based front end. Suddenly Linux becomes a useful platform for media, which I think plays to Apple's advantage.The model could remain completely identical to the current system - you buy/rent content in your account - but the technology for...
Good question! My guess: component costs are falling faster than the contract periods. So no, no effect on the bottom line, roughly equal margins from day 1 to now. Maury
I'm guessing numbers in Canada will be similar or even more dramatic. Every consumer I know that was tied into a contract with Bell or Telus immediately upgraded their phones. They used to be everywhere, now they're EVERYWHERE. Unless Android works out, and it hasn't so far, this is increasingly looking like the iPod dominance all over again. I am surprised how strong vendor lock-in is with these carriers. I switched carriers to get the phone, but I guess my usage...
Indeed. Really, there's room for two platforms, three at most. It increasingly looks like those are iPhone and Android, with RIM slowly disappearing as the other two improve on the corporate side. What can they possibly be thinking? Maury
Well I'm pretty happy with the upgrade so far. The menu responsiveness is a serious improvement, and I find the font a lot more readable. A small upgrade, but a nice one. Maury
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