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Agree completely. With a few exceptions - "let", "->" and why oh god are there "@'s" in this language - I found it totally easy to grasp. If there were users that were turned off iOS/MacOS because of Obj-C, maybe this will grab them too. For those who haven't used it, this strikes me as all good. BTW, did you come across a way to call C code from Swift? I have whole libraries of C that do math, am I up the creek?
Given that the AppStore launched in 2008, and I'd have to surmise that the vast majority of submissions are from people who never looked at Obj-C before that point, that implies Apple convinced thousands (millions?) of people to pick up Obj-C in the last five years. So why shouldn't they convince them to switch to something that's supposedly much better? MS did with C#.
Ahhh, I'm the one being ridiculous. Geez, grow some skin.
Ummm, you are aware there is an entire planet outside the USA, right? :-)
 I can't say for sure, but I strongly suspect any phone with enough processing power can do it - in theory. It really depends on what part of the system handles the conversion of voice into GSM packets. If that's happening in software, and then the packets are handed to the radios, then it should be possible for the software the re-direct those packets to the WiFi. That's really all there is to UMA. However, if the *sound* is sent to the chip, and the chip handles both...
YAY!! This is a major limitation with the current system IMHO. It's a serious pain to join the network, go through to your media and then start AirPlay just for one song. Anything that reduces this is a major win in my books.
We're going to have to wait for details on this before we all start jumping to conclusions. It could be UMA, in which case practically every carrier already has it.
"I don't see why the 4S won't get iOS 8. The 4 got iOS 7, and the 4S is a significant upgrade in terms of processor power from the 4." Plus, the 4S is still an actively sold product.
Indeed I do, but the question remains why SHOULD I need one? Ports on the front would be a very welcome upgrade.
Somewhat. My original MP from '06 was $2699 for the base model. At the time the Canadian dollar was not what it is today, so this caused the price to be higher than in the US. The combination of eight years of inflation along with the stronger CAD means I'm paying pretty much *exactly* the same price for my new one. The same will not be true in the US, however. That said, there is zero doubt in my mind that Apple could sell a LOT more of these, assuming they'd want to,...
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