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Data is considered to be facts, and is not eligible for copyright. That's why you can't sue someone for putting your address on their web site. This is absolutely NOT DCMAable, and the company sending out the complaint can be sued.
 Then either… 1) turn those ports off (and the lights on them)2) offer a low-end option
I suspect that 80% of the concerns with the new design would be solved with two changes:   1) use the Small Form Factor GPU card sizing. If you're unfamiliar with this…   http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/GTX670DCMOC2GD5/   These would have to be adapted slightly, removing the fans and providing a bracket positioned so the GPU is up against the heat sink. But that's about it. And then we'd be able to select from a huge range of 3rd party GPU's without so much...
 Then optionally don't put display on one of the sets of Tbolt outputs.
Cars are a machine too, yet the #1 purchase differentiator is color. If you really believe that the looks are not a major factor in purchasing, it's clearly yourself that has the "serious perception problem"
If they allow customization with a single GPU I might consider buying one. But I have no need for a second one, and I'm not willing to pay for it. As the cards are now entirely custom, it's unlikely there will be any availability of replacements, so we're stuck with what Apple gives us.
After installing iOS7 one of my friends went from "his name" to "home". Now I know why- apparently my Contacts thinks his nickname is "home". I turned that off%u2026
Ha ha! Ho!Wow, thanks for that, I needed a good laugh.Now go look up "Shockley quessier limit". Be aware, I wrote the article you'll end up reading.
I'm sure you are perfectly capable of doing basic math, so why didn't you even try?Look about the room about you. Count the number of lights. Each one is putting out about 1.5 to 2 watts worth of light (the best commercial light sources are 13W LEDs which are 10 to 15% efficient). Now add up all the surface area of the room, walls, floor, ceiling. Divide the area of an iPhone by that number. Multiply that by amount of light in the room.If the number is larger that 1/1000...
Under perfect conditions, 1 kW of sunlight hits the surface at high noon. Perfect conditions means that the collecting surface is pointed directly at the sun (perpendicular to it). At any other orientation, you reduce the amount by the cosine of the subtended angle. Due to the apparent movement of the sun over the course of a day, the "perfect conditions" only last for a short period of time. What one does is calculate the location of the sun for every second of a day,...
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