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 Because physics. If the wavelength is longer than the purple end of the spectrum, there is, literally, no way that it can "nuke" you. Only when you get into the UV range that the photons have enough energy to move around links in the DNA. So UV, x-rays, gammas, bad. Yellow, infra-red, radio waves, zero effect. WiFi is radio.
One of the nice things about my MP1,1 is that if the GPU goes I can swap it out with one of my old ones while I wait for a new replacement. Maybe no gaming, but at least I'm running.   What about the new MP? If one of the two GPUs dies, is the system down? I'd hate to lose my whole machine in that case.
"Apple includes a bank of LEDs behind the rear panel that light up automatically when the computer is swivelled" So is it on rollers or similar? Does it actually swivel on some sort of mechanism, or do you just turn it around like you were turning around a telephone or such?
"All this change comes at a price, however, in both unit cost and usability. Starting at $3,000 for a base machine, Apple is certainly not targeting the everyday consumer." Just so everyone is aware, this is the same price as the original MP base model once inflation is accounted for.
Something strange here%u2026 As algernon points out, independent testing shows that VP9 is *far* less efficient than HVEC, and even MPEG-AVC. I suspect that Google's tests are not using AVC, but an older version. I think this is slight-of-hand.
Dial-out only. GChat, not GVoice.
Right… although in my *personal* case that's not a problem. I wonder though, does a BT speaker set show up in the menu like an AirPlay one? On our iPhones I simply tap the airplay menu and there it is. Is it the same with a BT source?
This will be *actually useful* on a *broad scale* when Apple adds a dial-out-to-POTS service, like the one in GChat. It doesn't even have to be free. The carriers might complain, but they've lost that battle already. With GChat and/or Skype available on almost every smartphone available, anyone who wants this service already has it. Voice is no longer worth selling, and the prices for voice plans are plummeting. I think Apple could charge a reasonable value for unlimited...
Potentially stupid question, but:   Is there any reason to use an AirPlay speaker instead of a BlueTooth one?   I have an Airplay speaker, the JBL "loop" one, and it fails all the time. The problem is in the device, it locks up all the time and loses the WiFi signal constantly. I would not recommend this device.   I suspect that other devices may not have the same problems. But if I was going to buy another remote speaker, is there any reason not to use a BT version...
What models of consumer GPUs do these correspond to? I know the D700/W9000 is basically a 7970, but what about the other two? I have a 4870 in my machine and it has served my gaming needs for some time now. But the latest games, especially steam, could use a boost. But given that the 4870 has lasted over three years, I wonder if a D300 might be all I would need for the next five?
New Posts  All Forums: