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Yeah, but the wait times on existing orders didn't drop.   What this means is a *whole lot* of these will be going out at the end of this month, basically anything ordered in the last two months.   Which is kinda interesting.
Hmmm, for $1500 I can sell my existing MP and buy a new one that's one step up.   And the thing you actually want to upgrade, GPUs, still no solution there.
Great, an exec saying "experience". Let the MSification of Apple begin!
So for those of us who simply want to add some external storage, say a single 3.5" 2TB 7200RPM, do we need Thunderbolt? Or is USB3 fine? USB has the advantage to working with practically any computer, as well as being far less expensive. But will I notice any performance difference at all? Sure, TB is much faster than USB, but both are MUCH faster than any single HD, right?
 Because physics. If the wavelength is longer than the purple end of the spectrum, there is, literally, no way that it can "nuke" you. Only when you get into the UV range that the photons have enough energy to move around links in the DNA. So UV, x-rays, gammas, bad. Yellow, infra-red, radio waves, zero effect. WiFi is radio.
One of the nice things about my MP1,1 is that if the GPU goes I can swap it out with one of my old ones while I wait for a new replacement. Maybe no gaming, but at least I'm running.   What about the new MP? If one of the two GPUs dies, is the system down? I'd hate to lose my whole machine in that case.
"Apple includes a bank of LEDs behind the rear panel that light up automatically when the computer is swivelled" So is it on rollers or similar? Does it actually swivel on some sort of mechanism, or do you just turn it around like you were turning around a telephone or such?
"All this change comes at a price, however, in both unit cost and usability. Starting at $3,000 for a base machine, Apple is certainly not targeting the everyday consumer." Just so everyone is aware, this is the same price as the original MP base model once inflation is accounted for.
Something strange here%u2026 As algernon points out, independent testing shows that VP9 is *far* less efficient than HVEC, and even MPEG-AVC. I suspect that Google's tests are not using AVC, but an older version. I think this is slight-of-hand.
Dial-out only. GChat, not GVoice.
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