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I'm using an original Mac Pro. I go through a GPU about every 18 months. They overheat and die. I've had one FB-DIMM go on me, and I've added a SSD. The only worry on that list is the GPU. Do I really have to buy two of them? And do they really have to be these high-end versions? And when one of the blows, and they will, how am I going to replace it? Apple could barely get support for the Mac Pro in current revs and all it takes is a firmware flash. The chance of there...
Idea: Apple and MS get together and buy it.
  I'd say that it's high time for an AppleScript replacement, and that the obvious target is JS. Apple's spent considerable time and effort on JS performance as part of Safari (and WebKit generally) and it is now orders of magnitude faster than AS. Moreover, it's widely used, understood, and has all sorts of "learn to…" materials available.   As to file formats, not only is there the MacOS/iOS issue, but a lack of formats in general. Which is ironic, considering we had...
  Simplicity? Like the cut and paste style that doesn't, you know, cut and paste styles?   There's things I love about iWork, but there's so, soooo many problems too.
"while also holding that lower margins would destroy the company's profitability."   If you had 20% of dead mass in your body, it would probably kill you.   So why is it that Wall St. demands that Apple keep posting these ridiculous margins?   There's no upside here. If Apple's margins improve but marketshare slides, the stock will be punished. If the margins go down but they get more share, the stock will be punished.   All the while Apple stocks up cash...
LOLZ. Having used an X10 for the first time this weekend, I can say without hesitation that he's tilting at windmills. Long and short, the new X10 UI is a bag of hammers. Every app had a different UI, apparently designed at random. This wouldn't be so bad if they were 3rd party apps, but no, these were the out-of-the-box examples. I'm sorry to say this as a red-blooded Cannuck, but there's no hunt left in the BB dog.
Based on tagging, nah.   Maybe if Apple can automate that side of the system it might be useful.
  This is a software upgrade only. As long as the GPU has enough oomph. I suspect even the last rev does. Decoding is the easy part, for exactly that reason.   But even in that case, it's not clear Apple would want to use it. It would cut bandwidth, which would be great, but they'd have to roll it out across ALL of their platforms, and that doesn't seem likely. They could roll it out only on platforms that can handle it, but then they'd have to keep two copies of all...
Which is really no different than Windows or just about any Unix distro. My Windows Server is nothing more than Windows with some management apps and a few server preloads. If you can point to any substantive difference in model, I'll be surprised.   There are no "desktop" OS's any more, not since the NT kernel and OS X replaced earlier systems.
The more you tighten your grip, Balmer, the more systems will slip through your fingers
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