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No. Only the information you have publicly displayed on your Facebook profile. It doesn't change anything.
In System Preferences, go to the Mail, Contacts & Calendars prefpane. Select your Facebook account on the left side, then uncheck the "Contacts" checkbox in the right pane.   You're all making way too big of a deal out of this. If you do have this option enabled, it keeps all Facebook contacts separate from your existing contacts.
1. Make sure any iLife applications are not running. 2. Move the folders you want over to your external drive. 3. Now, the important step. Make an alias of each folder you moved over to your external drive. Just right-click each one and select "Make Alias." 4. Move the aliases you just created to your internal drive. Make sure they're in the exact location the original folder was in before. 5. Test each alias by clicking on them to see if they take you to the right...
HAHAHA oh man, I couldn't contain myself for this one. You think it sounds worse? I'm pretty sure this was mostly a cosmetic update. If you really think it sounds different, you're fooling yourself.
It says USB... I hope this fixes the random USB disk unmounting that I've been experiencing. I'll be in a the middle of a movie or listening to an album... BOOP. It tells me I didn't properly unmount the disk. I DIDN'T UNMOUNT IT AT ALL. It's driving me crazy.
Do you have history enabled? What does it say in your Preferences under General>Remove History Items?
There are not any significant differences in Preferences for Windows vs. Mac OS X. The only real differences have to do with the OSes themselves (i.e. iTunes for Windows has a system tray icon, Mac OS X uses the dock, etc.). iTunes for Mac does not have "burn preferences" either. Of course, I rarely burn discs in iTunes, if at all, and I haven't yet done it in iTunes 8, so I'm not the person to ask about that. You can learn how to get rid of store links here. iTunes...
RapidoSerial. It's no longer available from the creator's website, since he's making it shareware in March, but it gets the job done well.
Just so you know, your Mac OS X user name and your Apple ID are two completely different things. Your Apple ID is the account you use on Apple's website and your iTunes account. Your user name (and your short name) is used to log into your laptop/desktop and to perform command line tasks. Changing your short name (the one used in command line) is tedious and usually unnecessary. It's possible, but since you're not an advanced user it's highly discouraged. Hopefully that...
...you'll only need it if you have applications that require it.
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