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Where are the usage stats?
 On what basis? Copyright or trademark infringement? That it is unsavory and sleazy? Tell me, what part of the Android values system does this violate. As near as I can tell, there is no Android values system. 
Stevel, riddle me this: Are you truly unaware of the implications of SEP and FRAND, or does the law even matter to you at all? It sounds like you just want bad things to happen to Apple, even when they are unjust. Please tell me I'm wrong.
Headline of the year!
Seems you didn't read the article. We are not told how many iPhones were sold, just that it is more than this quarter last year. I suspect Google put the breaks on AT&T reporting those huge, iPhone numbers and making Android look like it was so far behind. You know, the truth.
And these books don't exist on Android? Smells fishy...
From Apple's tech spec page:   Built-in speaker   Singular, not plural. The picture at the top of this article shows a line pointing to a: built-in speaker. There are two grills, but that means nothing. The iPhone also has two grills. I believe one is a mic opening. That may be the case for the mini as well. Also, it could be that Apple decided to make a second opening for the sound to escape. Either could be true, but remember, Siri is onboard, perhaps...
It doesn't matter. Everyone will just copy it and have the patent invalidated retroactively. I am finally on the, "the system is broken" train.
This is like a football team winning by a couple of touchdowns, only to read in Monday's newspaper that they lost because the Rules Committee decided that morning that all rushing touchdowns are invalid. Not only do you not win that game, but you are no longer in the playoffs, and your investment in a rushing attack was wasted.    It may be the law, and business as usual, but it still seems wrong that the organization that gave you the green light, turns around and...
I can help with that. The prevailing opinion is that Sammy will have to send out an update to remove the infringing features. Though many Sammy supporters have said things like, "No one buys a phone because of pinch-to-zoom." The fact is that people did not buy Android phones in large numbers until such features were added. And they will most certainly get rid of those phones when they no longer have those features.
New Posts  All Forums: