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It's a nice little feature, but not really a huge improvement over what was already possible in previous iOS versions if you set up your personal hotspot in a particular way. Specifically, if you have Bluetooth turned on and wifi turned off when you turn on Personal Hotspot, then the hotspot will only be available over Bluetooth. This way you can leave Personal Hotspot turned on, and even if you turn wifi back on the hotspot will only be available over Bluetooth. Then...
Because Apple has never dropped large numbers of features when rewriting their apps? How was FCP's feature parity with the previous version. iMovie and iWorks suffered similar cuts in features when they were rewritten. I would guess that Quicken 2015 is a full rewrite of Quicken. Not just an upgrade from 2007. I'm not going to run out and purchase 2015. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt to see if they do in fact continue to work to add features.
I have a more practical paranoia. Since the user no longer has to pay attention to where they are piloting their toys, how long before they start causing all sorts of damage. Flying into the sides of buildings, breaking windows, shorting out neighborhood electrical grids by flying into wires and transformers, etc.
 It is strange, but there are a few threads on Apple's discussion board of others having similar problems, and I have a couple of friends who also have the issue. I now have a "rule of 75". If the % battery charge + temp in F is under 75 there's a good chance my phone will shut down...and that's with it in my jacket pocket where is should be a few degrees warmer. Once it warms back up the battery charge is right where it was before I went outside. The battery has expected...
I will say my iPad is much more robust than my iPhone. Maybe because of its increased mass. But if I take my phone out of my jacket pocket in below freezing temps for more than a couple of minutes it will shut down. I've simply had to learn I can't rely on my iPhone when it's cold out.
But then is it wise to brag about its use for mountain climbing and harse conditions in official company marketing? My iPhone is extremely wimpy in cold weather. I've had it shut down in 40 deg temp with a 50% charge. Anything below freezing and it's pretty much guaranteed to shut down.
While true, and I agree that to a degree my fellow Americans can, at times, be a bit clueless about the rest of the world, I'd also point out that in my international travels I have also met many others who are also quite clueless about just how big the US is. Or they think NYC or Disneyland is representative of the rest of the US, because that's all they've seen. Prior to the formation of the EU, how far could you drive before you NEEDED a passport to go any farther? I...
Wonder what kind off affect this could have in Apple's iPhone sales? If at the end of my two year contract my monthly bill drops by $15 if I stick with my old phone, a little less incentive to rush out and upgrade right away.   And...OK, Verizon, your turn. 
But if he doesn't have an anti-trust background (as Apple claims he admitted) then: A) why is Apple paying the salaries of additional lawyers to make up for his lack of experience, and B) why the h*ll did he ever get appointed as an anti-trust monitor in the first place?!?
My first thought as well. But perhaps I'm a bit more travelled than most Americans. This line in the article made me think someone didn't really do their homework, "nearly every credit card-enabled business in the world is Coin-enabled by default".While it may be true that most businesses outside the US can take your swipe card, a great many of them will frown at you and look annoyed that you are making them dig out their old swipe machine to deal wth your old tech card....
New Posts  All Forums: