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 My post was in no way meant as a suggestion of Apple influencing the trial or even for/against iPads or any other particular technology. It was more a commentary on how cost/benefit for IT projects are often determined. Many times there is more fantasy than reality (I speak from experience)It goes something like this... You spend $2 million on a project to deploy electronic data system, fully supported by a detailed cost/benefit analysis. There is almost never a...
The only way this 9 days is even remotely true is if the hospital already had a fully online system, wireless infrastructure, etc, and people simply weren't using it for one reason or another (ie, they didn't have terminals in each exam room or some other critical flaw that prevented use of the system). In other words, they already spent a ton of money on a system that wasn't properly deployed in the first place and the iPad was the missing piece that made it work. I have...
 Hope they have really good security on that database!
I'm kinda curious how they define an "active" account for each of the services? And Apple has been bragging about how many "accounts with credit cards" they have for several years now. Steve Jobs mentioned it in several key notes and press events before his passing.
 But do your negotiations include persuading your vendors to force *your* competitors into raising their prices because you don't want to complete at that low price point? And are you negotiating with vendors which represent 90% (just making up a number here) of the industry? That makes a wee bit of a difference when it comes to antitrust laws I think.
 Yep, that's where Apple might find itself in trouble. If rather than figure out how to make themselves more competitive (ie, lower prices) they schemed to make everyone else less competitive (ie, force them to raise their prices), then that negatively effects consumers...thus the lawsuit by the DOJ. And while Amazon stands to make more profit when they are forced to raise prices, they are also limited in their ability to compete because they are no longer able to undercut...
 Even nicer would be to delete it altogether if I don't want it on my iPhone. :D
I hope having something as trivial as new icons is an indicator that they've already completed more important functional improvements iOS needs. I don't really care if it's got a pretty new skin.
  One megapixel is probably sufficient for newspaper resolution. By your reasoning, that as long as you have enough pixels you are fine (yes, I noted your caveats about light and motion), then they should have fired the photographers about 8 years ago. But they didn't, which suggests that there is far more to it than that. And what is a reporter to do? "Councilman, before they cart you off to jail could you step over here into the light and stand still so I can get your...
  Not to say the topics you mention aren't important, but like it or not is' the sports that probably drive a pretty good chuck of their circulation volume. Lose the sports and you'll likely lose all those other things you want because the newspaper would go out of business
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