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Yes, but at least from my perspective, iOS7 has by far received the most negative (least positive?) reception of all the iOS updates so far. And it suffers some real usability issues in terms of colors, fonts, etc. Too much change for the sake of change.
And that would help the person sitting in their living room 8 feet from their 1080p TV displaying a highly compressed cable signal of the Fox broadast how exactly?Unless Fox is zooming in on a relatively small section of the screen it would be a pointless waste of money lost on the intended audience who would gain nothing by having a 4k monitor in the studio.
If you are going to throw around things like “statistically significant” then I expect you to provide the statistics. Otherwise it’s just your opinion based on your personal observations.So here’s my personal observations…just as statistically significant as yours… The only people I know of who bought iPad minis based primarily on price are my teenage nieces. And even then, I can’t say that they wouldn’t have still bought a mini if they had more financial resources. One...
Price is "a" factor. One of many. To say that it's nothing more is both arrogant and ignorant. I personally know several people who have a full size iPad but wish they had the mini and some are planning on "upgrading" to a mini. They've already spent the money on a full size iPad. If price was was the ONLY factor as you claim, why would they then go out and spend MORE money to get a mini?
Just sitting here reminiscing…where are all the naysayers who a little over a year ago insisted that Apple would never release a smaller iPad? The 9.7” size was the perfect size, Steve Jobs said so. You’d have to include a file to whittle down your finger to use anything smaller than the [regular sized] iPad. It would be too complicated for developers to have to support different screen sizes. Etc, etc. What a difference a year makes... LOL
Well, yes, Fox is a farce. But if that was the point of the article then: a) why the numerous comparisons to iPads, and b) what is the article doing on AI?I'm just kicking myself for getting suckered into clicking on the link and reading another pointless article that's about nothing at all. Certainly nothing concerning Apple.
DED's AI article itself is click-bait. Think about it...it's a television show, bring broadcast at a resolution of at most 1080p. Who cares that the background screens in the studio are only 1080p. You'd never see any higher resolution anyway because of the limitation of the television broadcast. A good 1080p TV for your home costs more than an iPad and has lower resolution. And if Apple comes out with an Apple television it will also cost more than an iPad and have lower...
True but...several people have said the IT departments should have blocked the iOS update and a few have pointed to Windows as the example...a user can't update Windows on their own because "IT won't allow it" (similar for a properly maintained network of Macs). But HOW is that achieved? It's not by setting up your own DNS server to block certain IP address (does Apple even publish which addresses would need to be blocked, or is it another egg hunt like the UIs of late?)....
 Just as one point of reference, I leave Bluetooth on all the time because I use that rather than wifi for the hotspot feature to tether my iPad to my iPhone. When my iPad isn't connected and the iPhone's BT is just sitting there waiting for a connection, there is no noticeable drop in battery life. BT on, but in active, seems to be quite energy efficient. At least for me in that scenario, which may (or may not) be similar to sitting there waiting for an AirDrop connection.
 That would be a silly requirement, don't you think? To have to have separate iCloud accounts. I have both an iPhone and and iPad. One person, one iCloud account. It would kind of defeat the purpose of iCloud to have separate accounts on my two devices. And just as silly to not be able to use AirDrop to transfer files between my two devices.
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