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 Yep. Even via gigabit Ethernet the current Extremes can't full use of even a USB 2 drive. Unless Apple gave the new ones much faster processors, USB 3 and/or SSD would be pointless.
 Um, no. This is nothing more than Apple not bothering to create a case specific to the Extreme. They are simply using the Time Capsule case. Just as I stated in the previous threads, the Time Capsule has a 3.5" hard drive mounted vertically on the diagonal (it was the only way it was going to fit). However, this space is not used for the Extreme. And if the antenna are all in the plate at the top, that means that there is no excuse for the Extreme to be as big as it is....
 While not "confusing" in context, until you read all of the context it was misleading...when I first started reading the article I thought they were talking about the memory because, well, they said "memory". There are enough people out in the real world that are confused about memory vs storage already. This article will only muddy the waters further. So yeah, they should have been more clear.
 Yes, form should follow function (not that Apple always follows this theory). But my question is if the form of the Extreme is following its function? Or it is simply following the form, and thus the function, of the Time Capsule, which requires an internal hard drive? Is it only the antenna array that is causing the Time Capsule to be so tall? Or is it also due to the hard drive (which I'm assuming is a vertial 3.5" drive mounted diagonally inside the case) which the...
 USB 2http://www.apple.com/airport-time-capsule/specs/
 Edit: It would appear that the only way a 3.5" drive would fit is on a diagonal, standing on end. And at those capacities/prices, it has to be a 3.5" drive. *IF* the drive standing on end is a major reason why the unit stands that tall...all for the sake of making it the same footprint as the AppleTV and Airport Express, then I'd say that's a poor design choice (in my opinion).
 If that were the case then the 2 TB and 3TB Time Capsules are using a magical new 2.5" drive that nobody's ever seen. Or Apple is using RAID, because I don't believe there are any 2.5" drives with those capacities.
 Mine isn't wall mounted, but it's in a location, tucked away in a closet, where this monster size router simply won't fit. I'm sure Apple has some good reasons (ie, the antenna performance, etc) for making it this big, but I think the size is going to turn off at least some prospective buyers. (Of course, I'll have to see one in person because the photos online could be deceiving.)In any case, until my current Extreme dies I see no reason to upgrade.
Why are they using Brightstar? They should use Apple Ireland...pay $200 for the old phone, sell it to Apple Ireland for $5 and write off the $195 loss. Then Apple Ireland resells it overseas for $150 and pays no taxes on it. LOL...I'm kidding people! :-D
 An honest question...exactly what laws does everyone think Amazon has violated? Monopolies are not automatically illegal. And I would go so far as to suggest that "ebooks" are not a market onto themselves. Doesn't everyone remember when iTunes Store had the vast majority of of the downloadable music market? When people started complaining about Apple's "monopoly" many of the same people posting here were saying that can't be because you can still buy CDs. Well, I can...
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