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Not to mention typing on small iPhone screens with what is somes laughably inaccurate autocorrect.
Because the mini-sized retina display has a higher pixel density than the iPad Air. Same number of pixels, smaller space. Considering how well the non-retina mini sold vs the full size retina iPad, it will be very interesting to see the ratios once full production is ramped up. But if these rumors are true, mini sales are going to be poor (relatively speaking) for the first few months. Retina minis will be in short supply, and the non-retina mini only avail in 16 GB...
"A flight's crew can instruct passengers to turn their devices off in rare instances, such as low-visibility." Ok, either devices can interfere with operation of the aircraft or they can't. One the one hand the FAA is saying they can't, so go ahead an use them. But the statement above clearly says they think the devices can interfere. In cases of low visibility pilots are more reliant on their instruments and there's a chance your device could interfere with those...
Well I guess I would say everyone here also knows the difference...once you point out their mistake. It's more out of habit and sloppiness that they mis-speak than out of actual ignorance.Perhaps we should go back to forcing everyone to manually update the time on their computers, phones, and other devices twice a year. Give them a little stronger appreciation (or hatred) of the whole concent of DST rather than treat it so casually. :-)
While I agree wtih the 2nd statement (it's a bug...still sad that Apple continues to not fully test their software for these simplest of use cases), I have to say to the 1st statement, no, we don't.I'm often correcting (or more often just letting it slide) people who use Standard Time as if it just means the "local time" in a particular time zone, even if Daylight Savings is in effect. It'll often come up in work conversations coordinating meetings with offices in other...
Yes, but at least from my perspective, iOS7 has by far received the most negative (least positive?) reception of all the iOS updates so far. And it suffers some real usability issues in terms of colors, fonts, etc. Too much change for the sake of change.
And that would help the person sitting in their living room 8 feet from their 1080p TV displaying a highly compressed cable signal of the Fox broadast how exactly?Unless Fox is zooming in on a relatively small section of the screen it would be a pointless waste of money lost on the intended audience who would gain nothing by having a 4k monitor in the studio.
If you are going to throw around things like “statistically significant” then I expect you to provide the statistics. Otherwise it’s just your opinion based on your personal observations.So here’s my personal observations…just as statistically significant as yours… The only people I know of who bought iPad minis based primarily on price are my teenage nieces. And even then, I can’t say that they wouldn’t have still bought a mini if they had more financial resources. One...
Price is "a" factor. One of many. To say that it's nothing more is both arrogant and ignorant. I personally know several people who have a full size iPad but wish they had the mini and some are planning on "upgrading" to a mini. They've already spent the money on a full size iPad. If price was was the ONLY factor as you claim, why would they then go out and spend MORE money to get a mini?
Just sitting here reminiscing…where are all the naysayers who a little over a year ago insisted that Apple would never release a smaller iPad? The 9.7” size was the perfect size, Steve Jobs said so. You’d have to include a file to whittle down your finger to use anything smaller than the [regular sized] iPad. It would be too complicated for developers to have to support different screen sizes. Etc, etc. What a difference a year makes... LOL
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