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Build-to-order iPad? Highly unlikely. It's not like you are swapping the screen on a laptop. I call BS on this whole rumor. Probably started by the same people who've been insisting for the last two upgrades of the iPhone that Apple would use OLED. They must have investments in it or something and are trying to push the tech.
Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. And what, exactly, are they claiming "innovation" on? Getting the hell out of the way so someone else could create the cell phone that changed the market? This is just another in a long string of attempts to rebuild their image through branding rather than by performance. After all, today's ATT is nothing more than the rebranding of SBC and Cingular, two of the more notoriously hated companies in the country at the time (from my...
Which would be a strong reason for Apple to want to get the iPhone on Verizon ASAP. Even if it's a CDMA-only phone. Once people have spent $100+ on Android apps and accessories, and invest time in entering all their data and such, it will be a tougher sell to get them to buy an iPhone and start all over again.
Any iPhone (or any phone, for that matter) on Verizon's nextwork, even 3 years from now, will need to support CDMA. So saying that a CDMA iPhone would be a "one-off" is a pretty silly argument. However, I could see Apple waiting for the LTE deployment to get a foothold so they could do an LTE/CDMA phone. In that case, waiting until 2011 would probably make sense. As for the Verizon CEO's comments, it could also be to make the public believe that it's entirely up to...
Perhaps you missed the part in the article where she is also on the board of GE, one of the largest and diverse corporations on the planet. I'm pretty sure they don't have a makeup division, so I think it's safe to assume she has knowledge and experience beyond the cosmetics industry.
I think Apple's PPC partners bailed on Apple before Apple bailed on them. They were only interested in the server (IBM) and embeded (Motorola) markets and showed little interest in working with Apple in making PPC a viable general computer CPU. Apple only switched to Intel when the PPC alliance failed to produce a G5 capable of being put into a laptop. As for the A4, who is Apple going to drop? There are no partners other than the fab shops. It's all Apple.
Perhaps, but how about showing some cause and effect to support your implied assertion that Apple is losing those sales because of the lack of flash and multitasking as opposed to the fact that there are a lot of people who can't/won't switch to ATT? Comparing iPhones sold on ATT to Android phones shipped to Verizon is apples-to-oranges. That more reflects people's choices of carriers than it does their choices of phones. Come back 6 months after ATT starts selling Android...
And just what percentage of the price goes towards printing and distribution now? Is Apple's 30% cut that unreasonable compared to that?
It's horrible. We've had nothing but crappy, cloudy, freezing rain weather ever since I got it a couple weeks ago. Sucks to have a new toy and not be able to go out and play. So I haven't really had a chance to see how well Aperture deals with the larger RAW files. But I'm loving that it will now manage the 1080p video the 7D can capture and import my GPS track logs.
Building previews isn't fast with Aperture, either. I shudder to think how long it's going to take to upload and build previews after my upcoming 3 week trip to New Zealand with my new 18 MP 7D. Especially because I'm not taking a laptop with me and will have to upload them all when I get home. On the one hand, it'd be nice to have something as small/lightweight as an iPad to have all that done by the time I get home. On the other hand, the thought of uploading that much...
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