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True, but then there are many of us who have not yet made the jump to a BRD player. Sure they have come down in price, but for me it's not a matter of price. It's a matter of limited space and limited connections. My DVD player was removed to make room for a mini. And there is no room for a standalone BRD player. So either TiVo makes a unit with blu-ray (like they licensed others to do with DVD players) or Apple adds blu-ray to either AppleTV or the mini. I still think it...
Re: the portion I bolded...why do people keep insisting that a CDMA phone would be an "entirely new phone"? I'm pretty sure the screen, battery, CPU, cameras, connectors, and the majority of the OS and the applications would be identical. It's not as if they need to design an whole new device. Yes, there will be parts that will need to be different (cellular radio, antennas, the parts of the OS that interact with this new hardware). But I'm pretty sure if Motorola, Nokia,...
True nation-wide coverage of LTE won't be until after 2014. Not to the degree required to support a phone that only works on LTE. There would be far too many coverage gaps. So unless you think there won't be a Verizon iPhone until 2015, any LTE iPhone would also need to support CDMA. And if that is the case, Apple might as well make a CDMA version now since they'll eventually need to be able to support that standard.
As I've stated many times before, this is the #1 reason why Apple needs to get out a Verizon iPhone, even if it's a CDMA-only version. If these stats hold, every 100 Android phones sold isn't a loss of 100 iPhone sales. It's 100 lost sales now, 70 lost sales 2 years from now when people upgrade, another 50 lost sales 2 years after that, etc, etc. The relatively small cost of creating a Verizon iPhone outweighs those lost sales.
That's what I was thinking...it would not be subject to any cell phone exclusivity deal with ATT. It would also make moot the point about simultaneous voice and data on a phone. And if it's not planned until later this year, it would fit in with previous rumors about a chip that could handle both CDMA and LTE networks that were supposed to go into production later this year and be timed with the deployment of Verizon's LTE network into 30 cities by the end of this year.
So even if you pay the extra money for tethering you are STILL limited to 2 GB? The extra $20/month should get me more bandwidth, too!! So let's see all the ATT apologetics who complained about Verizon's 5 GB cap chime in. 2 GB is crap, especially if you are downloading apps or media. And everyone who said the iPad data plan pricing was evidence of Apple sticking with ATT as the sole provider (due to it's low pricing), how long did that last? Now more than ever we need...
Such as? The only real hurdle is making the business agreement between the two companies. Everything else (manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, etc) are trivial. Some would argue that designing the phone itself would be a challenge. But in what way? It's not as if the entire phone would need to be redesigned. Only a relatively small portion would need to be replaced. Yes, there are integration issues to sort out, but manufacturers have been making GSM & CDMA versions of...
Awhile. But CDMA can be upgraded to carry simultaneous voice/data without having to go to LTE. That upgrade is likely far easier than the transition to LTE.
That logic only applies if all networks are equal from a # of subscribers perspective. But 1 network does not equal another. ATT represents over 1/3 of iPhones sold. Verizon is a little bigger than ATT. Do the math. If the iPhone can penetrate the same percentage of Verizon's customer base as it does with ATT, that represents a 33% increase in sales. Well worth the relatively minor technical effort needed.
Since the new iPhone appears to have a more boxy design and these photos show the old curved back design, I'd guess this is the model that wasn't released last year. I doubt Apple would maintain the old design for the touch after updating the iPhone design. Besides, it's pretty much a certainty that the reason for scrapping the camera was that the old design wasn't thick enough to accommodate a high enough quality camera module.
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