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Opted out of everything on that page.
Yes, deals are coming from Verizon.
Gustav. I agree with you and maybe we're talking about the same thing. I can't see giving a sicko pedophile a law that simply allows him into the bathroom in the first place. I was a teen boy at one time and not naive'. I know, if given the chance, they'll peep or who knows what. Why give them ammunition? "Transgender", "gay", confused, whatever this will be abused and should be voted against and fought hard.   BTW, I should have said "Girls" or "Lady's" room in my...
And so go the freaks in California. Maybe a transgender bathroom would be best, like family bathroom's that I've seen. I damn well would not want a guy that's "confused" today in the same * bathroom as my daughter. 
Ooooh so tempting, if only time could move faster (to Skylake) and my cash didn't want to burn a hole in my pocket in the interim. Sold my 12-core MP and now working off an i5 MM, talk about two different worlds. I have to learn to stop reading the deals out there.
With all the recent blowouts it's obvious that upgrades are soon on their way... some deals are tempting. I'm trying my best to hold out for Skylake... come on Christmas.
I have a 2012 MM and love living on the edge, fill me in.
 Easy. Through the Roku App. Supports all 3. Granted, it works through your WiFi, but it's always worked perfect for me, every time.
Unless Apple does something really amazing with their next gen ATV, I'll stay hooked on Roku. They seem to be getting better and better. Love the USB port, Plex, channel choices, speed, remote, etc... At-least for now the races winner is easily Roku.
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