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Unable to beat Adorama's price, so Adorama get's the green.
Not sure if they would be or not and why I ask.
I'm ironing out some details as far as how to BTO a 27" iMac. I'm currently trying to decide between the 2 and 3tb fusion drives. and wondering if $100 difference would be better spent elsewhere. The machine would be mainly used for imaging in PS and LR. I need to know what would be faster as far as read and write, Apples fusion where the HDD runs @ 5400rpm or an external USB 3 drive running @ 5900rpm that I currently own. Internally, is it based on bus speed?   I...
I've dealt with B&H for years as far as camera gear, but never for a Mac. I'm about to order the new 27" iMac. What are users here experiences as far as that type of purchase? Shipping time? Correct builds? Etc...   Thx
After reading this article on their blog for the previous 27" and seeing this "... our own flash upgrade will be coming soon for these as well." I called them. They said that they're still working on it and will hopefully be out within a year. For me I can't afford the extra cash for the 1tb "flash storage", so I'll have to settle for the 3tb Fusion. If OWC comes through I'll upgrade it later myself. As for RAM, I've never excepted Apples raping and always gone bare bones,...
Thanks mstone. I'm not a fan of taking iMac's apart, but with an iFixit guide I always feel more confident. Memory is easy enough then, now I'm debating the 1tb flash storage and it's $700 price tag which could break me for a while and why I ask.   Where can I find the same flash storage or similar and do it myself for much less?
Am I right that RAM is not soldered in and that hard drives cannot be swapped out?
Opted out of everything on that page.
Yes, deals are coming from Verizon.
Gustav. I agree with you and maybe we're talking about the same thing. I can't see giving a sicko pedophile a law that simply allows him into the bathroom in the first place. I was a teen boy at one time and not naive'. I know, if given the chance, they'll peep or who knows what. Why give them ammunition? "Transgender", "gay", confused, whatever this will be abused and should be voted against and fought hard.   BTW, I should have said "Girls" or "Lady's" room in my...
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