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I have a 2012 MM and love living on the edge, fill me in.
 Easy. Through the Roku App. Supports all 3. Granted, it works through your WiFi, but it's always worked perfect for me, every time.
Unless Apple does something really amazing with their next gen ATV, I'll stay hooked on Roku. They seem to be getting better and better. Love the USB port, Plex, channel choices, speed, remote, etc... At-least for now the races winner is easily Roku.
 Got your point. My bad.
What a moronic comment. Isn't wanting quality entertainment universal? Have you viewed any PBS stations to even see what they have to offer?  Here's a list for you.
Although I want the next ATV, Roku seems to be ahead of Apple outside of the GUI, which is slowly getting better. Feels like they're playing catch up.
Plan B:  Went to the VerizonWireless Store today. Had the employee pull out 2 32gb 5S's. Called VerizonWireless, while in the store, waited 40 minutes on hold and then cancelled my order. Purchased my phones in store. Walked out with a smile.
Does this mean that my order for two Space Grey 32gb models that I made yesterday at 12:15am will be on hold until October? I never received a ship date via email.
 Now that's a "grotesque" thought!
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