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 Now that's a "grotesque" thought!
Usually we just call our carrier and we get it when we get it. This time is different since there are no pre-orders and horrible because I sold my 4S and relying on an old Treo. Can we order online and arrange pickup at a store later? If we can is this available both at Verizon as well as my local Apple store? Thanks.
Oh, "grotesquely low". That's different. Now I can squirm when I think "low".   Ewwwwww!
Still seems like a crack dealer giving out a sample at a discounted rate.
Add this to the "Ridiculist".
Looking forward to the future release of "Rancho Cucamonga".
Businesses are no longer in the business to satisfy the customer. It's all about greed and profits. Once we get this business model brainwashed into out heads the happier these companies will be. Look at Adobe, gas prices, politics. This is just the way it's going to be. The sad thing is that these people know that the public will raise hell at first and then eventually calm down and simply take it up the wazoo.
Really wish I could. Maybe I'll include an iTunes card... errrr or load it up with porn.
My 22 year old nephew is going to Europe in a month. He debating whether to pick up a MBP or iPad for the time away. I've been considering selling my iPad 3 anyway. It's. 64 GB, black in perfect shape, no scratches, dings or any signs of use. Its always been in a case. It will include a Griffin case as well as a leather case. AppleCare + is good for another 18 months. There are no incidents on AC. Comes with orig. packaging.Is $500 fair?
New Posts  All Forums: