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Although I want the next ATV, Roku seems to be ahead of Apple outside of the GUI, which is slowly getting better. Feels like they're playing catch up.
Plan B:  Went to the VerizonWireless Store today. Had the employee pull out 2 32gb 5S's. Called VerizonWireless, while in the store, waited 40 minutes on hold and then cancelled my order. Purchased my phones in store. Walked out with a smile.
Does this mean that my order for two Space Grey 32gb models that I made yesterday at 12:15am will be on hold until October? I never received a ship date via email.
 Now that's a "grotesque" thought!
Usually we just call our carrier and we get it when we get it. This time is different since there are no pre-orders and horrible because I sold my 4S and relying on an old Treo. Can we order online and arrange pickup at a store later? If we can is this available both at Verizon as well as my local Apple store? Thanks.
Oh, "grotesquely low". That's different. Now I can squirm when I think "low".   Ewwwwww!
Still seems like a crack dealer giving out a sample at a discounted rate.
Add this to the "Ridiculist".
Looking forward to the future release of "Rancho Cucamonga".
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