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And this after I emptied everything out to meet the measly 5gb cap by the 30th. I wish they sent me this comp beforehand. Either way, thanks Apple.
Thanks iPhone4, nice resource.   Just wondering though, will deactivating my phone, to sell, mess with my plan? I don't want to lose my unlimited plan that I'm grandfathered into.
Can I purchase an iPhone 5 without a contract? If so, who would I buy it from and how much would a 32gb and 64gb cost? I have a black Verizon 32gb 4S that I'd like to trade in, but only if it makes $ense. I'm about to drop $800 at Amazon.
"customers who purchased a qualifying new Mac system from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller on or after June 11, 2012." Does a refurbished MBP bought directly from Apple qualify? I know, not new, but can't hurt to ask?
After re-reading the heading, I realized the they weren't now offering food and drinks at the Apple store as I originally thought.... :(  An Apple pizza sounds yummy though.
Marvin, Thanks a bunch. That really helps. I'll checkout Suitcase and Fontagent Pro.   Again, thanks.
I just, finally, updated my wifes system. Her old system ran FontXplorer which she loved, it was also free. She's been running the 30-day demo, of the current version and can't stand it. It also sells for $80. We're looking for an alternative.   Today I saw a Macware bundle which includes FontBoss. We've never run it nor can I find any descent reviews on it. Has anyone here used FontBoss? Pros/Cons?   Thanks for any comments.
If this is true and Verizon goes through with it, can I then get out of my contract since it's no longer what I renewed for?
For about 6 months my 2009 8-core Mac Pro has been in for repair about 6 times. The problem was sporadic revving up by the fans for no apparent reason. Sometimes no apps would be running and the machine would wake up and the fans would go crazy. Sometimes just Safari would be running or Mail or Text Edit or whatever. At times the fans would just pulsate, while other times they would kick into very high gear within seconds. Only shutting down for a while would sometimes...
"Siri, replay money shot, replay money shot, replay money shot, replay money shot... ooooh Siri, I love you."
New Posts  All Forums: