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Thanks. Now I feel better that my 12-core is still up to par. After the news of my ancient iPad 3 I was feeling a bit blue. 
Bless you Steve. We miss you everyday. :(
And this after I emptied everything out to meet the measly 5gb cap by the 30th. I wish they sent me this comp beforehand. Either way, thanks Apple.
Thanks iPhone4, nice resource.   Just wondering though, will deactivating my phone, to sell, mess with my plan? I don't want to lose my unlimited plan that I'm grandfathered into.
Can I purchase an iPhone 5 without a contract? If so, who would I buy it from and how much would a 32gb and 64gb cost? I have a black Verizon 32gb 4S that I'd like to trade in, but only if it makes $ense. I'm about to drop $800 at Amazon.
"customers who purchased a qualifying new Mac system from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller on or after June 11, 2012." Does a refurbished MBP bought directly from Apple qualify? I know, not new, but can't hurt to ask?
After re-reading the heading, I realized the they weren't now offering food and drinks at the Apple store as I originally thought.... :(  An Apple pizza sounds yummy though.
Marvin, Thanks a bunch. That really helps. I'll checkout Suitcase and Fontagent Pro.   Again, thanks.
I just, finally, updated my wifes system. Her old system ran FontXplorer which she loved, it was also free. She's been running the 30-day demo, of the current version and can't stand it. It also sells for $80. We're looking for an alternative.   Today I saw a Macware bundle which includes FontBoss. We've never run it nor can I find any descent reviews on it. Has anyone here used FontBoss? Pros/Cons?   Thanks for any comments.
If this is true and Verizon goes through with it, can I then get out of my contract since it's no longer what I renewed for?
New Posts  All Forums: