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This is what I'm hoping for.Thanks for the replies.Tony
Hi, I posted this over at MR and also thought that I'd try here. I've been waiting a few months for the Merom MBP to be released and to to tell you the truth I've gotten somen somewhat used to it. Yet at this point it seems that Apple will be making us wait until the holidays. If I have to wait that long I might be able to stick it out another couple months for MWSF 2007 if the MBP is substantially upgraded. The main reason I'm willing to wait is that currently...
Orionetheus,I absolutely love my Treo 650 by Palm, best and most versatile phone I've ever owned. I've loaded tons of programs on it and it's extremely Mac compatible. I also have a 4gb card in it where I store my music and use it as an MP3 player via "pTunes". Only 2gb is accessable, yet can be hacked and brought to the full 4gb. I can also shoot video and pics of course, along with uploading and watching vids too. It's easy to sync and backup via "Missing Sync". This...
Yea right, thx, but no thanks, been there done that. They don't like me very much. }> I'm talking about hardware.
Has anyone here gone wirless with their MBP through Sprint? I'm hesitant about purchasing a MBP because I'll be left in the cold when it comes to on the road connections through Sprint, they are yet to support the ExpressCard/34 slot. Is anyone here in the same predicament? Got solutions? If so what are the most reliable? Thanks for any help, Tony
I'm ready to buy now and of course would like many updates that have been discussed. OT, I wish that Sprint would catch up with their wireless modem (to ExpressCard/34) to work in the MBP. Being on the road I need the connection anywhere, not just in a hot zone. This is the only thing that could possibly slow down my purchase. It would really suck to have a new portable that I could only use at home and have to continue carrying around my old Pismo at that point I may...
Also, being on campus there may be many many times that you wish you had a portable. Ie. library, classroom, sitting out in the grass, and I'm sure that they have a wireless area setup. Seems to make more sence as a student. If a monitor is a problem you can always pick up a used one, cheap to keep in your dorm room, an hook up to it when your there. Don't mind me, but I have this thing about being tethered. The only downside of a portable, for a student, may be battery...
I do web design, music and internet all on an old Pismo that is more than sufficient, so that shouldn't even be a concern. It the movie progs that you should wonder about. FCP can be pretty labor intensive on the cpu and wonder about the MB handling it well. Express may be a better choice. Have you looked at Apples specs? If you go the route of FCP, can you afford an MBP instead?
I'm sorry, I'm most likely old enough to be your dad and I've been out of the loop for a while, but what is "uni"?
Questions that can't hurt to ask. After reading the thread "Future Upgradeability ?" it brought the same question to my mind about the MBP. How upgradable is the current box? HDD? CPU? Vid card? I know that it may be a complete shot in the dark, but any guesses on how the next box will be upgradeability-wise?
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