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For about 6 months my 2009 8-core Mac Pro has been in for repair about 6 times. The problem was sporadic revving up by the fans for no apparent reason. Sometimes no apps would be running and the machine would wake up and the fans would go crazy. Sometimes just Safari would be running or Mail or Text Edit or whatever. At times the fans would just pulsate, while other times they would kick into very high gear within seconds. Only shutting down for a while would sometimes...
"Siri, replay money shot, replay money shot, replay money shot, replay money shot... ooooh Siri, I love you."
You know, in the end is $400 such a bad deal for a MacBook Pro even if the 3G aspect is inoperable?
Wow, just not sure what to say. Seriously sad, but grateful for everything that he contributed.
Maybe I'm looking at this in a different view, but now I don't feel the need to have to get that not so attractive Otterbox brick to protect my phone and one that'll actually fit in a dock. It really opens up the market to me at-least. Bummer is I can't get this AC cheap on Ebay or wait 11 months.
No no no, it's 280 new features on 1 new iPhone. Who's going to be the lucky devil?
After all these years with Verizon I can finally drop our two Treo BRICKS. Since being grandfathered into a data plan a month or so ago there's now no reason for me to continuing holding back and join the crowd. I hope the rumors are true as we'll be purchasing two right off the bat. Yay for me!! Yay for my wife!!
... and finally the Newton reintroduced. I guess that this is a way for SJ to save face for dumping it. BTW, Futuristic, isn't this "RECYCLING" ???
"600"? That's old news. The petition now reads: "5513".Oops, "5513" is old too...
Consider it done.
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