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"600"? That's old news. The petition now reads: "5513".Oops, "5513" is old too...
Consider it done.
I wouldn't depend on that. More importantly, in addition to AI and other forums, please make a statement directly to Apple if you want any possible resolution. If enough people do, you never know. Try to keep it civil and educated. Tell them how important it is to you/your business. I did and it only took a few minutes. If Apple doesn't get an overwhelming amount of complaints they couldn't even reconsider it. It's up to you to make a...
Thanks yensid98. Sent mine. I kept it civil, hopefully someone will actually read it.
Maybe I'm being naive, but is there a Apple consumer complaint email addy that anyone can write to in matters like this. We have almost a year to bombard them with complaints. Doesn't anyone remember when SJ got rid of Matte screens only to reintroduce them after Pro and non-pro complaints? My point is, it can't hurt. Just complaining here may get us nowhere, but I know it's good to vent.
Just another sign that Apple's on the move to cut out business/creative pros. No iDisk means I'll have to look elsewhere for sharing large files with my clients as others have stated. The new Final Cut Pro er iMovie Pro is a joke too. Little by little Apple's cutting out the people who believed in them in the beginning when they catered to the creative pros. It's really sad, but I know it all comes down to the bottom line. I wish that they'd just fail already, so I can...
I hate when I do that.
Eriamjh, does this also pertain to any App downloaded via the App Store? If so, could you supply me with that Apple link? I'd just Thanks
I just received the following email: "Dear MobileMe member, We'd like to share some exciting news with you about iCloud — Apple’s upcoming cloud service, which stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices. iCloud integrates seamlessly with your apps, so everything happens automatically. Available this fall, iCloud is free for iOS 5 and OS X Lion users. What does this mean for you as a MobileMe member? When you sign up for iCloud, you'll be able to keep...
Thanks for clearing that up.
New Posts  All Forums: