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Gotcha, thanks.
I'm considering picking up a 5th Gen Nano for my 7yo daughter. She's outgrown her kiddy camera. Is there an App that will allow her to take stills with it? Thanks for any help.
Would a video professional notice the difference in the refresh rate comparing Apples's 12 ms to those displays at 5 or 6 ms? Or are these numbers just another sales ploy?
Marvin, Thanks a bunch for the alternatives and advice. I agree. Tony
I'm in the market for a new display, 27"+. I'm training in FCP, Motion and LiveType, so I'm not exactly making money at it yet, but hope to some day. So for now I' don't expect top of the line for something under say $1500, but something of descent quality that fits the video bill. I don't game, just either watch or work with video. I work with an Early 2009 Mac Pro 8-core and an ATI 4870 if it matters. I know that Apples upcoming 27" isn't labeled as Professional, but...
Any guesses on tomorrow being the release date?
I'm new with InDesign coming from a Quark background. I created a 28 page booklet with CMYK cover and two color interior (black & PMS spot color) I'm working in CS4 and my print vendor is CS3. I have provided him with both the InDesign file saved down to .inx as well as high quality pdf with no color conversion so that the spot color will print as is. My print vendor is telling me that the black screens/gradients are separating as RBG. I'm trying to figure out if the...
What software is available to convert a PDF to a flip book? I have a client wants me to do this so that they can post it on their site. Thanks for any help.
Make sure WIFI is OFF and Bluetooth ON. I had both turned on at the same time, so I guess it was causing some sort of confusion. All 6 of my P2P games/Utilities are working now. The only downside to this is that one can't upload game results to the web for the world to see. Hopefully Apple will fix this flaw, as some of my games ask if I want to upload my scores.
Just got it to work. Yay me.
New Posts  All Forums: