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Any guesses on tomorrow being the release date?
I'm new with InDesign coming from a Quark background. I created a 28 page booklet with CMYK cover and two color interior (black & PMS spot color) I'm working in CS4 and my print vendor is CS3. I have provided him with both the InDesign file saved down to .inx as well as high quality pdf with no color conversion so that the spot color will print as is. My print vendor is telling me that the black screens/gradients are separating as RBG. I'm trying to figure out if the...
What software is available to convert a PDF to a flip book? I have a client wants me to do this so that they can post it on their site. Thanks for any help.
Make sure WIFI is OFF and Bluetooth ON. I had both turned on at the same time, so I guess it was causing some sort of confusion. All 6 of my P2P games/Utilities are working now. The only downside to this is that one can't upload game results to the web for the world to see. Hopefully Apple will fix this flaw, as some of my games ask if I want to upload my scores.
Just got it to work. Yay me.
tarl, I've now tried several apps, none can connect. I was told that the 2nd gen will P2P fine, just like the 3rd gen. Of course I was told this at the Apple store by maybe someone that had no clue.
I have two iPod Touch's one is a new 3rd Gen, the other is a second generation. They're both running OS 3.1, on the same network, right next to each other and both have Bluetooth turned on. In the preferences, Bluetooth, Devices, it says searching, but never finds the other iPod. I just bought my first P2P game and would like to get this working. When I press "Tap to Start" in "Tic-Tac-Toe Arena" it searches and searches for another iPod or iPhone, but never finds the...
That's fine. I was just a bit concerned think'n that something was awry. Thanks a bunch for the info. Now I can rest. T
Thanks. Todays top benchmark was 15949, my highest ever (with 12gb) was 16378. Got my 24GB from OWC. Good/bad? See link below. Here are the specs: "24.0GB OWC Matched Set (4GB x 6) PC-8500 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM Modules for Mac Pro "Early 2009" "Nehalem" systems." Module Specifications: Size: 4GB (4096MB) Per Module 240-pin SDRAM DIMM 512M x 72, Dual Rank ECC Memory Module Data Rate = 1066MHz Module Bandwidth 8.5GB/s CAS 7-7-7-20 Voltage 1.5V Apple Specified Thermal...
I've run Geekbench for several months now since I got my Mac Pro. It's a 2.66x2 with 24gb. In one session I may run it as much as 7 times, each time the numbers normally increase as much as a hundred points from the first. Is that normal? This isn't as much of a concern as the fact that "Processors" says "1", never "2". I've read other results on Geekbench and they say "2". Why is mine different? Should this be a concern? It takes at-least 7 times to get the numbers up,...
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