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Just curious, but where did you read "64-bit Macs only"?
or Go here where it'll also show you how to get your colors back:http://www.macthemes.net/forum/viewt...d=16805795&p=1. I changed my traffic lights to horiz, but did not like it, seemed to squashed in. I also changed the categories back to the colored ones which I like much better. I forget how I went about it since it's been a while, but that should get you there.
I like SL, but then again I liked Leo before that and so on. I'm always looking forward to what they come up with next, but to tell you the truth most of it seems to be eye candy that I play with for a week or so and then realize the work piling up on my desk, so I tend to forget most of it. I guess what sticks is what helps me get my work done easier/faster, yet everyone's different. I'm not sure where fluid windows will help me, but still looking for to the surprises of...
Actually $129 more. I'm buying refurbished from Apple. Unless I could find a refurb of the new Touch it wouldn't be worth spending $229 on a 7yo. Maybe in a couple years. Thanks though.
Gotcha, thanks.
I'm considering picking up a 5th Gen Nano for my 7yo daughter. She's outgrown her kiddy camera. Is there an App that will allow her to take stills with it? Thanks for any help.
Would a video professional notice the difference in the refresh rate comparing Apples's 12 ms to those displays at 5 or 6 ms? Or are these numbers just another sales ploy?
Marvin, Thanks a bunch for the alternatives and advice. I agree. Tony
I'm in the market for a new display, 27"+. I'm training in FCP, Motion and LiveType, so I'm not exactly making money at it yet, but hope to some day. So for now I' don't expect top of the line for something under say $1500, but something of descent quality that fits the video bill. I don't game, just either watch or work with video. I work with an Early 2009 Mac Pro 8-core and an ATI 4870 if it matters. I know that Apples upcoming 27" isn't labeled as Professional, but...
Any guesses on tomorrow being the release date?
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