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I've always owned APE's, yet with the latest the price is a bit much. I'm looking for an alternative, Belkin, Linky, etc. What can someone here recommend? I'm looking for something that will operate just like an APE, be Mac friendly and even have AP Utility think that it's an APE. For features I'd like 802.11n, 128bit encryption, USB for a printer or HDD access, and at least four gigabit ethernet ports. Is this Belkin a good choice? Mac...
Now why in the world would I need a Fred Sanford iPhone. "Watch it $ucka".
What programs will help me output a DVD (video_ts) to a DV camera via firewire 400? No illegal content, I have a family shot dvd. Thanks
I ordered my MP (Octo 2.66) yesterday. The only BTO's I added was the 4870 and WiFi. It will be used mainly for FCS. I want to get the most out of it, so obviously, configuration matters. A couple weeks ago I received 2 WD 300GB VelociRaptor's and 2 Seagate 1TB's. My plans are to stripe the 2 WD's and use that as a boot and programs. The Seagate's will mainly be used for storage of video. Backups will be external. RAM-wise I plan on 12gb for now (most likely 2gbx6)....
So TM, SD or other would work instead of buying 2 additional drives? Two more drives and that set up would be great, but I'm just about tapping out my budget. Also, I'm trying to limit external drives as much as possible, but I know that I'll have at-least one from OWC. It houses 2 drives and I'll be using that for my video files backup.Thanks for the reply.
When my machine shows up I plan on an internal striped (0) RAID between two 300gb Velociraptors. The other two bays would be used for video storage. My questions/concerns have to do with backup of the RAID in case of failure. First, can these two drives be backed up to a single 640gb drive (kind of like a virtual 0+1)? Can this be set up at the same time I set up the RAID? In-other-words can those two drives be Mirrored to a single internal drive? If Mirroring isn't...
Thanks. That and another reply really helped. I'll stick to my original plan (2x2.66). It'll hurt for now, but I'll get over it in no time. Although our other MP was cheaper, it was paid for in a matter of a week. This one? Two or three weeks.
Okay after a nights sleep and throwing this around I may need to recant my previous buying statement. I'll mainly need a new machine to run FCP Studio, which of course includes Motion that needs the horsepower so-to-speak. Considering pricing would I be happier with a previous version 2.8Ghzx2 for $2698 or the current 2.66Ghzx2 for $4304. Is the $1600 difference worth it for my application. Will the new bus speed and CPU design outweigh the price difference? I'm still...
Does it really matter? You knew what I meant right. What's your problem?"Two 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon" Make you feel better sonny?No confusion here, it was easier to say.
Well at-least I'm excited. I'm going 8-core 2.66. Can't wait any longer...Yippeeeee!
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