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Geez, yOUR mind's in the gutter. I tried it and I like it so far. Closing the tabs, not so bad = Command/W and I kinda like where they're placed now. My only complaint is how slow the "Top Sites" page takes to load, running now for 20 minutes and 4 pages still haven't loaded. Will take time getting used to, but all in all I like it.
Hope he's doing well and looking forward to the new model in June.
Depending on what I'm doing I switch back and forth. I like Safari for the speed and Private Browsing feature and like the extensions in Firefox. It's hard to give up one or the other even with this upcoming release so far and new features.Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!!
While waiting for the new Mac Pro I've saved a few more dollars and was really counting on a new 30" ACD to go with it. It'll be a real bummer if it goes away completely, yet I couldn't imagine Apple offering the one size only. The 20" wasn't even HD, while the other two sizes were, maybe that's why the sales were so low and it got dropped. I bought two of the 23's, for home, and was willing to fork out the extra cash because of the HD feature and never regretted that. I...
Thanks, I was thinking the same thing. Nothing funny at all here. BTW, I am disabled, so I do take offense.
DU shows the drives and space, but say nothing about SATA. The drives work fine. Just as a note, I called MacSales yesterday and they said that it's normal for them to show up as regular ATA drives, so I guess I'm ok. Thanks for the reply.
My MDD (G4, Dual 1.25) has a Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA 2-Port that allows two serial ATA drives to be installed internally. I have one drive connected to it right now, yet System Profiler sees it not as a Serial-ATA drive, but as a regular ATA drive along with the other two ATA drives. Is this normal? Or should it be listed as a Serial ATA? If so, what do I need to do? Thanks for any help.
We own a small graphic design business and she works at it for about 60+ hours a week. I was only kidding about her, she more than deserves her machine, but I love giving her a bad time. I'll tough it through the next month or two with the iMac setup. I picked up a mini dvi adapter to connect another display to it, so it's not so bad so far. Thanks for the help, Tony
Thanks Marvin,The G4 is a dual 1.25GHz. Also I have a couple new HDD's on hand that I bought for the upcoming Mac Pro, they were too good a deal to pass up. They're 1tb Seagate's that run at 7200rpm with a 32mb cache. I'm not about to install them internally into the iMac, but use either as a scratch disk externally for the iMac or externally for the Mini or internally for the G4. What would be the best choice again here?Also the G4 has an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro w/ 256mb...
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