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Poor labor work conditions is not uniquely China only. When we have large international corporations trying to exploit cheap labor, raw materials and focus only on their annual report to investors and what goes into their pockets... responsibility to the people that builds these products would be the last thing on their minds. This is not to say, Apple don't care at all. I'm sure when you are operating in China, which is still under Communist ruling, you have to play...
Anyone that does business in China should know labor abuse is an issue. How many "willingly" work 12-hr shifts here in U.S. for low wages and not go postal???
Apple is really driving a dagger into Adobe now. While this doesn't kill Adobe's InDesign but looks a lot more intuitive to learn and it's FREE ... I'm looking forward to test out this app soon.
What a shame...they failed to adapt and transform their core business to digital age. They may re-emerge in a few years and still with little to show for. It is another classic management failure in the making for years.
Adobe continues to pissed off their creative customers. How do they expect average designers to spend a few hundred every 18-24 months for software upgrade makes no sense.
Kodak tried going digital. Meanwhile, they hung on to traditional media [printing press tech etc] but failed in that area too. An iconic company but just another example of poor management that does not understand the changing market. Of course, those that made the poor decisions won't have a hard time getting new jobs but everyone under them will.
Oh hell, IF we must measure great products but the number of patents issue per year....I hope that is a joke. All the great inventors are only known for a few great inventions not a gazillion half-baked patents that only sounds good on paper.
Different strokes for different folks. iPad or Fire or Nook or any other Android tablets.... I wouldn't worry about those sales numbers IF I'm Apple. Apple never worry about inferior products before and I can't think of a reason to right now. I got a Nook tablet and this is a need for testing ebooks for work. On a personally level, I don't care for either Nook or Fire [poor hardware specs IMHO] but it's what I have for the moment. 7-in = meh! The form factor is...
I think these people don't have a clue the potential legit revenue Apple Store brings to the area and not just Apple itself.
This is a perfect example of a f'ed up CEO and poor leadership decision. How is he still the CEO? You simply don'y raise prices on customers and then tell them it's better for them and they don't even know it yet! Netflix isn't the only game in town and when you start to act like you are, that's when you'll get brought down to earth with cancellations. The argument that content providers are raising their fee on Netflix is lost in all this because once again Netflix isn't...
New Posts  All Forums: