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Different strokes for different folks. iPad or Fire or Nook or any other Android tablets.... I wouldn't worry about those sales numbers IF I'm Apple. Apple never worry about inferior products before and I can't think of a reason to right now. I got a Nook tablet and this is a need for testing ebooks for work. On a personally level, I don't care for either Nook or Fire [poor hardware specs IMHO] but it's what I have for the moment. 7-in = meh! The form factor is...
I think these people don't have a clue the potential legit revenue Apple Store brings to the area and not just Apple itself.
This is a perfect example of a f'ed up CEO and poor leadership decision. How is he still the CEO? You simply don'y raise prices on customers and then tell them it's better for them and they don't even know it yet! Netflix isn't the only game in town and when you start to act like you are, that's when you'll get brought down to earth with cancellations. The argument that content providers are raising their fee on Netflix is lost in all this because once again Netflix isn't...
I think people that wishes a 7" tablet for the smaller form factor have not really understood the difference between 3.5"-4" vs 7" vs 10". When it comes to certain computing/reading experiences, the middl of the road 7" sizes just doesn't cut it. I think Apple for it right with it's current two sizes and skipping the 7". Jobs got it right, let others fight over the less profitable and usable form factor. You need to put all the form factors on a table and start playing...
One can hope more competition in this field can only help musicians get a cut for their creativity. That said, Google is slowly becoming Microsoft like in the '80s...they don't invent anything, they just shamelessly copy. All those expensive engineers and this is the best they can do? First take on Facebook and now Apple? Really?
Different business model going after different target audience. Stop comparing Amazon Fire against iPad already. That said, I think Fire is perfect for those that shops with Amazon often already. It solidifies the ecosystem shopping experience.
There is nothing like blaming someone else for your own lack of insight or mistake(s).
Maybe it is just me, but I don't find the current Nook Color responsive compare to current 10-in tablets. It could be OS issue or hardware. I find it slow compare to even 1st-gen iPad. I think neither BN or Amazon will be honest enough to admit 7-in form is "optimized" for epub reading and not magazine/picture books or any pdf format books.
I agreed with this as well. Apple will not be interested in competing for lower profit margin market anyway. Apple refused to release and compete in low-end desktop computers for the same reason.
How silly not to take the current weak economy as a factor affecting weak sales numbers for these high-end workstation? My 1st-gen Intel tower at work is still running flawlessly after 4-yrs. This is with minimal IT support, what a workhorse! I see more problems with co-workers newer iMacs. In the last 4-yrs, we spent more money upgrading Adobe CS suites than the original price of this tower! I will say this, IF they lower their prices, settle for less profit margin and...
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