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Interview with only two riches man in the world...what is the point? If I want answers and inspirations, I would find more at TED conference. Back to Gates' comments, he is a few years behind on recognizing Steve Job's vision and talent. Taking a chance and re-inventing portable music device, digital music and iphone...the list can go on pretty long, depending if you believe in Apple products or not.
I never understood Apple's logic on ignoring the design community to forgo matte screen. The day Apple bring back matte screen option will be the day I purchase another Mac...which is at least 3-yrs since my last one.
Why is this even news? You think Apple isn't aware of the issue earlier when they decided to have manufacturing in China? Who does billion of business with China and doesn't know about their working conditions? Figure it out people, cheap labor comes from somewhere at someone else's expense, always does!
Tough times and I think Apple is sticking to what work for them in the past, basic spec upgrades. They want customers that wants upgrades but not necessarily a brand new product. As most people argue, new specs aren't impressive for the dollar. Apple's main selling point is still their OS. Although if they are not careful and continues to play it safe... Windows 7 might hand them a good smack down when full version is released. I hope S. Jobs is planning something to...
So Microsoft cut 5,000 jobs but somehow they figure it's a great time to get into retail store???
Each time Apple gets slap with this type of silly lawsuits, they should also insist these users switch to a Zune and be ban forever from any Apple products. Customers are not always right, some are borderline selfish idiots that can't tell the difference between rights and abuses.
Ballmer lacks vision for anything. The fact Microsoft is still holding it's own isn't because of his leadership... amazingly the lack of leadership seems to be the reason for him to hold on to his job.
ROFL! I'm sure they will sell just not to print/design industry that supported Apple for years. Apple are so happy with their new consumer base growth, they completely put the graphic community in the back burner. 3 UBS, no DVI, no HDMI, but they offer miniport, good Job for making a $900 black mirror!
How well Apple has done the last few years is mainly due to their iPod approach that also help drive up their Mac sales. Give Steve Jobs credit for the direction but the rest of these guys don't worth that much. Sent them to Microsoft and see how well they perform there. There is no end to greed. This is not about rewarding the most talented or best performance. "Rewarding" your "top players" millions of dollars at a time like this, can also be translated as telling the...
Interesting how some of you "developers" are for it or against this type of behavior from Apple. Even more interesting are the ones for it, agreeing with Apple even through they never give any official/logical reason on banning the app from A-store. Come on, similar functions to their apps isn't good enough. Apple is leaving an opening for Google's Android...this will be interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: