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ROFL! Random House signed up later and hence not part of the lawsuit. They are allowed to keep selling their ebooks in iBookstore under the agency model. Penguin settle fast with DOJ because of the upcoming merger. What else do you need to know? Yup RH realllly rejected Apple!
What? What are all those Random House ebooks doing in iBookstore right now?! They signed separately and then worked something out behind Apple's back...hence they are in hot waters now. As I said, this is more about publishers than it is about Apple. DOJ is wasting time and money in the hopes for squeezing something out of Apple too.
  Not likely. I think this case is more about proving the big five publishers' guilt than Apple. They were offer a platform alternative to control their own pricing but will only do so if Apple can sign up more publishers...which from the evidences so far, are only proving these publishing CEOs had dealings in the background to band together. Had they each sign up separately and independently with Apple, this BS case would never be happening now. Amazon as a victim in...
What this really proofs, is how much internet content iPad users are consuming as Apple has been saying all this time.
  Hence publishers pleaded guilty. DOJ is just dragging everyone out to play along against Apple to squeeze a few more dollars out of them. As if that tax return BS wasn't enough of a show from our politicians. The way I see it, Apple can easily prove their point by stopping all sales of consumer ebooks for a year or require all sales of ebooks be created with iBook Author. Problem solved.    Let's see how much more these same publishers will go back to crying again. Less...
No one in the publishing world thinks Amazon is a victim here. This is just DOJ's BS and waste of tax dollars. I'm glad to see Apple putting up the fight against this nonsense.   IF anything at all, the outcome will only prove these publisher CEOs were guilty as charged. Apple only provided a platform for them as an excuse to team-up against Amazon. The guilt is with these CEOs. Amazon's low-ball pricing practices basically forces these CEOs in a position to doing...
I find it funny about Samsung this and Samsung that...take away Google's Android and they have no software worthy competing against Apple in any form or shape.   Frankly, I stopped buying any Samsung product. Anyone but theirs at this point.
Another righteous congress hearing, aimed to find "truth" but it's really just a show for witch hunt...which always leads back to themselves. Those idiots that made the rules cries about others taking advantages of them. Are we sure what we have is still democracy and they still represent us, the people?
  If car theft and insurance companies is the best example you can find, this "phone theft" crime isn't going away. If someone is losing a few phone via "theft" per year, I question this person for not being an idiot in the first place. You can't draw a direct cause-effect on petty crime like this and expect manufacturers to "DO MORE". More of what? You really want a kill switch on your phone? More tracking and give up more privacy?   Here's a good way of avoiding phone...
Ron confused bargain shoppers vs Apple's lifestyle gadget shoppers. Two very very different consumer groups...I think the changes simply push out the bargain hunter and hence declined sales. I think he miscalculated a lot and I'm surprised it took this long for them to drive him out.
New Posts  All Forums: