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Another righteous congress hearing, aimed to find "truth" but it's really just a show for witch hunt...which always leads back to themselves. Those idiots that made the rules cries about others taking advantages of them. Are we sure what we have is still democracy and they still represent us, the people?
  If car theft and insurance companies is the best example you can find, this "phone theft" crime isn't going away. If someone is losing a few phone via "theft" per year, I question this person for not being an idiot in the first place. You can't draw a direct cause-effect on petty crime like this and expect manufacturers to "DO MORE". More of what? You really want a kill switch on your phone? More tracking and give up more privacy?   Here's a good way of avoiding phone...
Ron confused bargain shoppers vs Apple's lifestyle gadget shoppers. Two very very different consumer groups...I think the changes simply push out the bargain hunter and hence declined sales. I think he miscalculated a lot and I'm surprised it took this long for them to drive him out.
I'm starting to question NYT's editorial integrity...   "In San Francisco last year, nearly half of all robberies involved a cellphone, up from 36 percent the year before; in Washington, cellphones were taken in 42 percent of robberies, a record. In New York, theft of iPhones and iPads last year accounted for 14 percent of all crimes."   "Apple provides some assistance in locating lost or stolen phones with its free software,Find My iPhone, which can find a...
FB just hit the wall creating this for Android. "largest" mobile OS worldwide is also the most fragmented OS. Love my iPhone, I see no reason to want this thing. checking FB once or twice a day is plenty for me. I don't need FB feed 24/7. Clearly, i'm not their target audience.
Chinese gov't is playing a game here. I can't imagine Apple is the only company violating this bs warranty...to think a country that relies so much on piracy...talking about warranties is just ironic. Apple has to play alone until they have a Plan-B.
Tired of this in-app purchase drama...this small warning label won't stop any unwanted in-app purchases from kids...just make the process more difficult or pass the refund cost to developer. There is no way this problem can be resolve without anyone admitting any wrong doing: greedy developer vs Apple's 30% cut vs parents that shouldn't put a $300~700 device in a young child's hands without taking some responsibility.
I signed up for creative cloud when it has the $30 promotion. $30 a month for a year is a bargain! It is true I do not use more than photoshop, indesign and illustrator on a daily basis and to have unlimited access to all other tools within the suite opens up other creative possibilities. I might rethink it when the price goes back up to $50/month, for now, I'm actually happy with this subscription service model.   I also used to argue that there is no difference in...
  "So if you download an app for your kids and then hand them the phone, it allows purchases without the kid having to enter the password for 15 minutes."   You are defending "duh-duh-duh" moment for all of humanity...here's a simple questions then, whose fault is it to hand the iphone & ipad to their child after immediate downloads? There are seat-belts in cars and if you dont put them on don't blame the manufacturer.
Once again, parents assume no fault for being stupid. Being game creators for putting in-game purchase in kids game...it's the new business model for mobile games...unless you like to go back to $40-$50 game per physical game disc. There are times I absolutely hate parents that are clearly dumb and blames someone else for their ignorance. Don't hand you 3-5 yrs old kids with a $500 device if you dont anticipate them to 1) break it 2) buy random things...educate yourself...
New Posts  All Forums: