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This is not just an Apple problem. It's also national problem for China for pushing to expand and keeping the big economy running...and a global issue. China can't ignore smog and bad water forever, it'll come back to bite them big time.
Wall Street really dont give a shit about a company. Having cash is a big asset to any company's ability to stay competitive. Money in stockholder's pocket doesn't help create any new products. Leave Apple alone you effing bean counters!
iPad mini is fine the way it is now, we have been obsessed with screen resolution on tablets for a while now...you'll reach a point where the function, battery life and ease of use is more important than a few more pixels. If Apple is going to up the price on mini it better have something more than just retina, just saying. Otherwise, they will shoot themselves in the foot.
Naysayer is already out on the new Apple ads. http://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthof/2013/02/18/whats-wrong-with-apples-tv-ads-lately/ If you don't get the concept, it is not for you. Everyone thinks they know Apple, they don't.
Zune failure in the making and they dont even see it coming!
I concur, Apple needs to have a plan on buying back stocks and go private. They won't need to deal with silly stockholders that lacks abilities to understand where Apple is heading or doing. Does Wall Street care any other company would be glad to take half of Apple's numbers? Really!
It's the typical naysayer-doomsday Apple news...I say bring it, I want to see Apple go work on something new already. iPhone is a great product line, it's time show the industry how to re-invent something else.
Anyway you look at Surface, it is simply overpriced, lack of app library and an untested mobile OS. The real question is, does one really need to use Microsoft Office this badly???
A simpler explanation could be jailbreak iOS users are finally coming to terms with paying for most apps that ranges from $1-$5. Besides, each day there are so many free app promotes....it renders hacking for free apps plain silly. iOS app store has finally grow to a level where apps need to start with free promotes to gain reviews from its users. I think we are finally seeing a health competitive business app model at work here.
OMG! This has end user error written all over it as well...how could you not zoom out and look at the maps and apply common sense!? You got to be kidding me on blaming this all on Apple. If you can't read maps, you have no business in getting behind a wheel, with or without GPS or any smartphone!
New Posts  All Forums: