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Who is to say Apple won't come up with something better than Retina display next? Samsung is biting the hands that feeds them by copying product design and then proceeds to burn the bridge. Do they think Amazon FireHD or any other tablet can compete with Apple right now in the mobile space? Don't let the door hit you on your way out Samsung!
The tech world can be funny some days...if you release a product not as good as someone else's and price it higher, you simply claim your current hardware and/or software is "superior" with existing technology. ClearType is soooo 1998. Higher resolution does make a difference on displays, does MS QA their products? Go get buy some clues MS!
Samsung is really making a bad name for themselves right now. They lost and now they are digging dirt? Mr. Hogan is one vote! Really? I think I'm done with all Samsung products at this point. The latest Samsung ads putting down iPhone are just as silly, Apple is a brand, a lifestyle... Apple users want to be associated with the brand, get that in your heads Samsung. Whatever ad agency they have been using are retards. Apple haters likes to talks about specs and...
Failed. Does the ad agency realized this kind of ads only does one things? It pushes the viewer to choose between two brands. If you are already an Apple user, this is just silly. If you are not a Apple user, you still have a ton of other choices than Nokia...If you are Nokia, why would you mention iPhone as your direct competitor??? In short, what a waste of money! I give Nokia 2-3 years before they go under. I can't decide if Blackberry will beat them to the punch or...
Must we make every little problem news these days? 91-page thread and the solution is to reset your hardware? Another failed complaint! Wanna know how often I need to restart Windows 7 each day? Should this be news too?
Give it time people, we can't expect Apple to deliver a "perfect" product every time. As long as Apple acknowledges the problem it will be fixed. Hack, I don't think majority of iphone user even care if the new map is not up to Google map's accuracy....these articles assumes every single user hates the new map app..when in reality, just a few dozen tech journalists writing stuff to make a living.
With designs so similar to Apple, it's no wonder Apple's is suing everyone under the sun! Oh, I'm sure other PC makers will claim they have other inspirational sources...
Failed, another idiot that lacks common sense trying to squeeze a few dollars out of Apple.
Power users will never want to be tie down to a close ecosystem. You should wait and see how fast people would wants to hack this thing so they can get ride of this custom android weaksauce os. Amazon has to to go after customers willing to spend on content after getting the "cheaper" tablets. Their entire ecosystem has to link  up or it's a fail attempt. I do see them with great success with existing customers, especially those Prime members. I'm not convince they can...
Ad-support tablet...great idea except now you have to wonder if your tablet usage is being monitor? Failed on arrival for me!
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