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Failed, another idiot that lacks common sense trying to squeeze a few dollars out of Apple.
Power users will never want to be tie down to a close ecosystem. You should wait and see how fast people would wants to hack this thing so they can get ride of this custom android weaksauce os. Amazon has to to go after customers willing to spend on content after getting the "cheaper" tablets. Their entire ecosystem has to link  up or it's a fail attempt. I do see them with great success with existing customers, especially those Prime members. I'm not convince they can...
Ad-support tablet...great idea except now you have to wonder if your tablet usage is being monitor? Failed on arrival for me!
Funny how everyone focus on price, hardware and features...I don't see how this can come close to being "ipad killer"... Apple isn't interested in selling you cheap low-end tech unless they can walk away with 40-50% profit per item. I would be amaze if Amazon isn't losing money or coming out even on these new Fire HDs. If the mini-ipad is coming, I would be surprise to see it price below $300... Until I see a side-by-side test/comparison, I'm not convinced 7" Fire HD is...
Epic un-boxing vid!
Imagine Apple pull all their products from Japan? Let them be stuck with Samsung!
what is this obsession with physical keyboards??? I hope they don't do it!
FAILED! It's not cool nor funny nor does it connect with someone that has used a Mac for 15 years.  I don't see how this can appeal to new MAC users or convert any PC users. With Jobs gone, they can't even come up with a classic or witty ad?
17 million ipads sold and they are still "disappointed"? There should be a reality between what is real and crap these analysts makes up and expects companies to deliver on paper. If Apple is private, they would be laughing all the way to the bank!
This is the risk for trying to do business in China. $60 million is nothing to Apple at this point but the point is they shouldn't have to pay for the rights twice for a trademark that no one else can create any value to it. 
New Posts  All Forums: