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Nexus 7 is competing with Nook & Fire for sub-$250 tablet market. They seem to be after the low-end market and digital consumption. Not sure why they would think the mass consumer would eat this up??? Did Netbook ever take off because it was cheap??? 
Great, a new Zune! The problem with MS is their poor timing. When you release a "new" product with features that looks like someone else has polished it, you really can't go claiming it's new can you???   Sarcasm aside, it doesn't look like bad hardware, we'll have to see what Windows 8 can do on it.
It is very un-Jobs to switch to larger size. If anyone looks the the Apple product history, Jobs always goes small or nothing whenever he can. For him a device has to be functional as well as ease of use. Of course, there is no one to stop Cooks and Co. to go with larger iphone, only if there are poor sales number that can stop this. I think Samsung's variety of smartphones are forcing them to test the water.
Awesome? What exactly do they hope to win here?
It is no secret publishers are pissed about Amazon's steep discounts. It completely undermines the same books sold else where, online and otherwise. I think part of the problem is publishers need to man-up, either boycott Amazon or shut up. I work in publishing, and in twenty years of doing this, I have never seen such a lack of direction and leadership.
********** The five publishers and Apple hatched an arrangement that lifted the price of many best-selling e-books to $12.99 or $14.99, according to the suit. The publishers then banded together to impose that model on Amazon, the government alleged. "As a result of this alleged conspiracy, we believe that consumers paid millions of dollars more for some of the most popular titles," said Attorney General Eric...
"Collusion"? DOJ, are you kidding me? This is how you waste taxpayer's money? Of all the crap going on with our "free market" this is what they want to go after. How did Amazon get out of this one? Publishers are more worry about Amazon's pricing practices than Apple right now. I'm still waiting for smack down on Wall Street that is long over due. How about it DOJ?
Are they even generating revenue??? Not that I care if Facebook wants to throw away their money, just saying.
Apple can afford it...the 80% discount is silly as an excuse to attract "good paying jobs"... why not take pride in the local job skills that attract Apple instead of the other way around??? The build it and they will come is a fatal mistake in our gov't understanding of long term job growth. Companies can't growth without talent and skillful workforce, not the other way around.
It always comes down to money...this is no different. Until they work out a pricing plan that publishers are comfortable with...this isn't gonna take off. Then you have school budgets to worry about...everything sounds great on paper and until they actually setup some curriculum and test it for a few years in a control setting, no one can HONESTLY claim ebooks is better method to educate our kids.
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