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When HP starts to innovate and actually deliver better products...NOT just cheap...they got a long way to catch up or Apple can start sinking like a ship with these rumors of smaller ipad or larger iphone.
I think someone is trying to revive Steve Jobs from the dead so he can beat the hell out of these larger iphone and smaller ipad rumors. Frankly, I'm happy with the current form factor...IF Apple mess with it...they'll lose me. I don't want nor need a smartphone that CAN'T fit in my pockets.
The worst idea would be to pay dividends. Some analysts are quoted saying this would be great idea.... Apple should ditch Wall Street and go private with that cash. This $100 billion cash puts Apple in a great position to compete and the resources to invest in research. As soon as they hand out that cash, they'll go down that long gray road towards craptastic again. I think Steve Jobs would never do it just to please Wall Street. A hard lesson he learned from being...
I'm very happy with my new iPad. The new display alone with worth the upgrade. Seeing is believing, peeps!
This isn't the works of Apple fanfare but the quality of the product Apple created. The "Woz", another legend in Apple's history... I like how real and down to earth this man is.
So why are they suing each other again???
It is not clear if this dude is root of the problem. Siri doesn't work well in 1) environments with noisy backgrounds 2) user has a funky accent that is too hard for even the AI to understand 3) you must ask questions that makes sense, it can not be baby-talk... This is why it's effing hard to run a successful business in America...you can get sue by some random idiot for no good reasons. Siri doesn't work as advertised? Go get an Android buddy!
Everyone should calm down... Apple is sitting on nearly 100 billion cold-hard cash and proved they walled-garden model works. Old school network execs have no idea what opportunities they are losing out. The irony here is his quote on being friends with Netflix and how it saved the network.
This is why Apple's secrecy practice works so well for them with each product release...it's free advertising at it's best. Apple's official ad campaign is to keep their image but stuff like this is what gets into everyone's head.
Let's assume this smaller ipad is "true"...How can Apple possibly price this thing so it doesn't compete with ipod Touch and used market iPads 1-2??? ipod touch = $199~ used ipads = $300~ NEW ipad = $500~ Anyone else see a problem here with this small ipad? Would some people want 7-in ipads? Sure! SOME!!! It's the same group of people claiming Amazon Fire is a contender to iPad a few months ago. Look at where Amazon is at now? Still only attracting mostly...
New Posts  All Forums: