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Take your BS else where... you do realize APPLE can't vet every app down to the core content for copyrights? There isn't a company out there that can afford to flush this kind of manpower down the toilet. What you are saying isn't any different than suggest all web-hosting services should vet their websites... you are insane.
Simple...Apple has $$$$, so everything is Apple's fault now. And I thought lawyers, doctors and politicians are sleazy....start adding authors to that list.
Soooooo tired of this kind of reports! Do something like massive boycott of Apple product or walk out on the job. All these inside reports only tells me they have disgruntle employees. As if we don't have in our share of water-cooler rant sessions? Should we be walking out on our jobs too? Our company has shitty management, can anyone do something about it??? May I claim mental abuse via poor management? These reports needs to walk a fine line between reporting REAL...
Proview is the new Kodak, when you are on your way down, drag everyone else with you. It is the new world order in tech business!
Pfft, dont look at it that way...we are beta testers for rest of the world
Agreed. I think more importantly, Apple has a clear vision on how to advertise it's products aids the end users on a daily basis. If you look at Droid commercials, it aims to be cool and hi-tech but completely out of touch with end users.
Ditto! I have iOS and Android, both are fine system, each with it's own strengths. The only reason I favor iOS more, it is simply less bloated, I even stop jailbreaking it. That said, I think C.Wyatt does has a valid point. Android updated are generally so poorly roll out by Google and more so when it gets to OEM stage. You really don't get an OS update with Androids unless you purchase a new phone and that's for the birds.
I call this BS...the name "iPad" itself isn't worth more than what Apple paid already. The name doesn't sell itself...great products do. I thought our laws are silly here, I guess it's the same BS everywhere....and they want 1.6 billion in damages??? What could they have made with that name with their own product in 2 years??? Just absurd for this stuff to even get to court....people need to apply common sense to this stuff. Can Apple sue them for a lose if iPad suck??? WE...
....and B&N is following Amazon's path...all articles points to Amazon destroying B&N and then crushes book publishers and authors will all be happy to go self-published...OMFG, it's the end of the world as we know it! These survey means nothing...imagine Jobs making this decisions based on this kind of crap???!
It took someone long enough to acknowledge what Apple is doing is actually working well. I think for the longest time, people view Apple as "oh, they got lucky, this ipod and ipad stuff won't last long"... Jobs has proven people wrong before and he done it again. I think the fact, we are seeing Google and MS copying varies aspects of Apple's products and failed to copied their strategies is the funniest part for me. Apple had Jobs, they can't copy that.
New Posts  All Forums: