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Not sure why you think that. T-mobile isn't charging the music providers for priority access.
True, but Apple only has to buy slightly over half. I doubt Apple would make this type of purchase though. It would be far cheaper and less complex for Apple to build from the ground up.The trouble with cars as Tesla is learning is most states have laws preventung direct manufacturer sales of vehicles to consumers. It makes sense for companies like GM and Ford because they relied on third party dealer investment to build the infrastructure to sell cars. It makes little...
Read the article. Last I checked iMessage has nothing to do with email. This app is an email client alternative. As such it doesn't matter what others are using.
  It actually seems like a new idea. I will try it out. 
Right like Americans have any influence on what their government actually does. We have two brands of stupid in the USA. Most of our population couldn't think for themselves to save their lives.We give credit like candy on Halloween. Then again we need to give credit because three quarters of the country couldn't afford to eat our government subsidized food without credit.Further, comments like yours are also ignorant. What part of not having access to your money are you...
I saw the van in Detroit a couple weeks ago.
  Good points. However, you can't include any terms in a contract that are illegal. If you do, those illegal terms do not need to be followed. So, if the law in Taiwan is Apple can't control certain issues after the sale of the product, and the contract says otherwise, it is likely a Court will just disregard those terms.
 However, the sale of the product is subject to terms of a contract. The party buying the product has to honor the terms of the contract.
  Yes, but they sell them to the carriers under terms of a contract. So the carriers agreed to the terms that allowed Apple to control those issues. So the carriers took ownership of the product subject to conditions. Otherwise, Apple may not have agreed to sell them.
No you couldn't have. It's part of your contract with AT&T. It forces you to agree to mediation. AT&T pays for the mediator. Who do you think is going to win?.
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