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This is the best explanation of why the Apple TV doesn't support 4K. Besides data caps, most US households simply don't have the speed to support 4K even if content was available.
Jobs once told people Apple wouldn't come out with an App Store or a Windows iPod. It makes no sense for Apple to support 4 k now. The content isn't there, and the bandwidth infrastructure isn't developed enough either. Streaming from the iPhone to the Apple TV 4K would likely be a bad experience because of technology limitations, and most home internet services have bandwidth caps. Streaming 4K video would quickly eat up the caps. Apple knows all this, and wisely elected...
 Strange, I am a cord cutter and I have been using Apple TV for quite a while as my primary entertainment source. I get Netflix, and HBO on the Apple TV. There are some other channels like the history channel and PBS that don't need a cable subscription. Further, I can stream Amazon Prime from my phone. I could also get Showtime if I wanted it.  Most people can get other big networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox free just by connecting an antenna. 
 I too am a cord cutter, and use only my Apple TV, X-Box or RedBox. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO. The Amazon Prime I stream from my phone or iPad. Back when I had cable, I verified some other apps like ABC that required verification. I hardly ever watch ABC on the Apple TV, but those apps that required verification still work now that I no longer have cable.  I also have an HD antennae hooked up to my TV and get regular live channels like FOX, ABC, and NBC as well...
This story is lame. It makes a claim, but doesn't provide one example of how secrecy actually hurts Apple when it comes to AI. First, why would Apple write papers on AI? Apple doesn't want to share its findings with competitors. Look at Webkit. Apple contributed tons of open source information to that, only for Google to take all of that information and break away to create its own competing web browsing engine.   Second, why would well paid and treated employees care...
My stepmom bought a 4K TV recently, and the price is coming down. I think from Apple's perspective, however, the issue is the content hasn't caught up with the hardware. The linch pin is 4K content uses a lot of bandwidth. Most internet services supplying data to devices like the Apple TV have tethering data caps. Often when I use Netflix it down sizes the quality because the data capacity of my service provider doesn't always keep up.Tv companies market 4K to sell more...
I agree - I have tried other systems, and Ford's is pretty good. Suburu's will make you want to shoot yourself.
My experience is Microsoft makes good hardware, but it still runs Windows.
Companies like Apple have no choice but to follow Chinese law. The alternative is not to do business there.
   Perhaps your not wired this way, but I can both simutaneously think Sorkin was a dick for his comments regarding Tim Cook, but also think he did a good job with the movie. Although I will wait until the movie hits DVD to see. 
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