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  Right. Tell that to Microsoft when it bricks your X-Box One when you try to play unauthorized software on it. Somethings you buy with no restrictions, others you buy with restrictions. Developers get the hardware at reduced prices and early in exchange for certain conditions. If I were Apple I'd consider suing iFixit for any money it made in terms of online hits. After all the money was made through a breach of contract.
I noticed that. That is odd though considering this is an Apple site . I really like Apple music, but I probably will not auto renew only because I can't see paying more a month for that than I do Netflix. I know the price is more dictated by the music industry than Apple. I have enjoyed the service though. I particularly like the playlists.
I guess that Apple would consider 10% a success.
Apple's executives were unhappy with Walter Isaacson's book because it was shallow, made shakey judgments on some of Jobs decisions, and was poorly written. He had full access to Jobs and he didn't write anything most Apple fans didn't already know. I was disappointed after reading the book because I didn't learn anything I hadn't already known.Cook and others likely felt Jobs would have been highly disappointed with the end result of the book not because it exposed some...
Read Cook's quote he was asked about all the Jobs movies coming out, not Sorkin's movie specifically. The Sorkin movie is based on Walter Isaacsons book, which it is no secret most Apple personal have spoke negatively about, including Cook, after reading it.
First, Cook did not criticize Sorkin's movie. He was asked a general question about all the Jobs movies coming out. He said a lot of people are being opportunistic without singling out Sorkin's movie. He didn't attack the quality of the movie, but is defending the reputation of his friend who now longer can defend himself. It is no secret of Cook's dislike for the book the movie is based on. Perhaps Cook was being insulting in a generalized way, but hardly hypocritical. I...
I'll catch it on Red Box. It has to be a Lord of the Rings caliber movie for me to pay box office prices. It is too bad it was based on Walter isaacsons horrible book.
I disagee. They are cheap. Brother makes a better printer.
Neither does Apple music, but I guess it is fun to say that.
Yes Google is helping lazy developers to sidestep Apple's security protocols, which Apple has given developers plenty of time to implement. Telling them to update their apps all while giving them the tools to put it off having to do the updates even further thereby sidestepping Apples policies is slimey.
New Posts  All Forums: