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 Time Cook merely said Apple underestimated the market for the 5S, and over estimated the market for the 5C. Considering the margins are higher for the 5S, it wasn't really a bad problem for Apple to have. Moreover, there were other nonintrinsic benefits, such as taking over more retail space in third party stores, and giving customers a choice.  From my perspective a six percent market share amongst all operating iPhones seems pretty good for the 5C after less than a...
What does that mean, most people I see have cases.
I doubt it is only that. Carriers actually want to slow Apple's sales. I expect most would like to slow Android sales as well. They'd prefer Windows to gain some ground. 
Microsoft might be desperate, but a large percentage of Nokia phones are too underpowered to run Windows. It is likely considering running Android for the very low end of the market so it can quit developing its own OS for the low end of the market. It can also take the approach of Amazon, which uses the Android kernel, but strips out everything Google. Google hates that.
And Apple gets accused of anti-trust behaviour? Google better be careful there. It bills Android as being open, yet it is forcing hardware manufacturers to do its bidding to the expense of competitors.
I wrote a letter to VW today. Very disappointing.
Not sure why Volvo is referred to as the Swedish car maker, when it is owned by a Chinese company.
  You do understand that Sapphire Glass was invented in 1902 right? Corning invented Gorilla Glass in the 1960's and created a brand new type in the last couple of years that it is just bringing to market called Gorilla Glass 3. Corning hardly sounds like a carriage manufacturer. It, however, sounds like a company defending its product, which it views as superior. At least Corning is not doing a Steve Ballmer where he just laughs at the iPhone. Corning actually brings up...
 That would have sucked. I would second that the Le Creuset cast iron stuff is great especially the stuff actually made in France. I always joke that you could stop a bullet with that stuff, but it really isn't a joke. 
 I doubt it. Sapphire glass is not new, and Corning has been around a long time. I am sure it has manufactured it themselves. I suspect you have it in reverse. Anybody with money who can buy the needed resources probably can create Sapphire, whereas Corning holds the IP to Gorilla Glass. Nobody can compete with Corning on the glass front. Further, Corning most likely has a lot invested in Gorilla Glass, and from its statements thinks it is a better product.  I think what...
New Posts  All Forums: