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 From court cases where Google has acknowledged the practice. I will not do all the work for you, but here is one example concerning Gmail. 
I like iCloud, but I miss the file storage capabilities Apple used to offer. This is another area where Apple brought a product to market, but abandoned it to let others take the mantle.
  At one point it had over a 90 percent share of eBooks, which constitutes a monopoly. It gained that monopoly by predatory pricing. Why do you think it paid the DOJ off to go after Apple?
 Good points, but I don't necessarily see it as Microsoft trying to get people back to Windows. People who left Windows to go to the Mac are most likely lost to Microsoft, but perhaps Microsoft can win a few folks back. Instead, I think Microsoft wants to tie people into its services (e.g. Onedrive, Bing), and perhaps makes some money off of software. It is also possible (if rumors are to be believed), Microsoft will offer a free version of Windows 8 with Bing integrated...
 Sucks compared to what? Pages is pretty good for basic needs, but it is not Word. Excell kicks Numbers butt. I prefer Apple's Mail over Outlook, but Outlook does have more features and is probably prefered by many. Keynote is better than PowerPoint, but Power Point is pretty capable. 
That doesn't do much for Apples long term investor who clearly are not imbeciles.
 Time Cook merely said Apple underestimated the market for the 5S, and over estimated the market for the 5C. Considering the margins are higher for the 5S, it wasn't really a bad problem for Apple to have. Moreover, there were other nonintrinsic benefits, such as taking over more retail space in third party stores, and giving customers a choice.  From my perspective a six percent market share amongst all operating iPhones seems pretty good for the 5C after less than a...
What does that mean, most people I see have cases.
I doubt it is only that. Carriers actually want to slow Apple's sales. I expect most would like to slow Android sales as well. They'd prefer Windows to gain some ground. 
Microsoft might be desperate, but a large percentage of Nokia phones are too underpowered to run Windows. It is likely considering running Android for the very low end of the market so it can quit developing its own OS for the low end of the market. It can also take the approach of Amazon, which uses the Android kernel, but strips out everything Google. Google hates that.
New Posts  All Forums: